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Bugaria and its surrounding lands are home to a variety of dangerous bugs and wild creatures, motivated to stop Team Snakemouth's advance. The Bestiary documents all of these foes, and provides further information about them.

In battle, Team Snakemouth will need to use Action Commands to do attacks. Action Commands are certain series of inputs that you will need to do in order to attack or defend successfully.

Bosses are particularly tough, one-of-a-kind enemies in Bug Fables. They have increased attack and defense, as well as higher HP. Most Bosses must be defeated in order to progress through the game, however Bosses fought in Quests are entirely optional. Defeating a Boss in Hard Mode the first time it is encountered will result in a new Medal reward from Artis, available at the Explorers' Association.

By using B.O.S.S., Bosses can be fought again, in Single Battle or Boss Rush formats. In the Cave of Trials, 50 waves of enemies can be fought, in Normal Mode or Random Mode.

TP is spent when using Skills, which are special attacks used in battle for either buffs or increased damage. Items and Medals can be utilized to recover TP, raise max TP, and modify TP consumption.

Field Skills can be used on enemies outside of battle to stun them. Encountering a stunned enemy will start the battle with 1 extra turn given to the current party leader.

Blocking and Super Blocking

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Vi performing a Super Block.

All enemy attacks can be blocked with a well-timed press of the Confirm/Jump/Interact button, which reduces incoming damage by 1.

Particularly well-timed blocks, where an "Awesome!" action command reaction appears, are classified as Super Blocks, which reduce incoming damage by 2. Medals such as Block Heal and Super Block+ enhance the effects of Super Blocking.

Turn Relay

Vi using Turn Relay on Kabbu and then Kabbu using Turn Relay back to Vi.

Turn Relay is a special type of command found in Bug Fables. It allows an ally to transfer their turn to another ally, at the cost of reducing attack by 1 when that extra turn is used.

Each team member can only use turn relay once per turn.

Depending on the situation, this reduction in attack can still be a good trade-off. If an ally is unable to deal damage to an enemy, they may relay their turn to another ally who can. Since the only drawback of relaying turns is decreased attack, Skills like Secret Stash or Break, which deal no damage, are unaffected.


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Items are consumables that may be used in battle. Items that heal HP or TP may also be used outside of battle.


Main article: Medals

Medals are collectable items in Bug Fables that provide stat boosts, special abilities, bonuses, and new Skills. Medals use a certain amount of MP when equipped, and can be freely equipped and unequipped while out of battle. Each Medal grants a unique effect to a single party member or the entire party.

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