Bosses are particularly tough, one-of-a-kind enemies in Bug Fables. They have increased attack and defense, as well as higher HP. Most Bosses must be defeated in order to progress through the game, however Bosses fought in Quests are entirely optional. Defeating a Boss in Hard Mode the first time it is encountered will result in a new Medal reward from Artis, available at the Explorers' Association.

By using B.O.S.S., Bosses can be fought again, in Single Battle or Boss Rush formats.

When fighting a Boss, their battle theme will play. There are 16 Bosses and 20 Mini-Bosses in total.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Spider portrait.png
Venus' guardian portrait.png
Heavy drone b-33 portrait.png
The watcher portrait.png
Spider Venus' Guardian Heavy Drone B-33 The Watcher

The beast portrait.png
Ultimax tank portrait.png
Mother chomper portrait.png
Broodmother portrait.png
The Beast ULTIMAX Tank Mother Chomper Broodmother

Seedling king portrait.png
Tidal wyrm portrait.png
Peacock spider portrait.png
False monarch portrait.png
Seedling King Tidal Wyrm Peacock Spider False Monarch

Devourer portrait.png
Zommoth portrait.png
Wasp king portrait.png
The everlasting king portrait.png
Devourer Zommoth Wasp King The Everlasting King

Mini-Bosses[edit | edit source]

Acolyte aria portrait.png
Ahoneynation portrait.png
Astotheles portrait.png
Dune scorpion portrait.png
Monsieur scarlet portrait.png
Acolyte Aria Ahoneynation Astotheles Dune Scorpion Monsieur Scarlet

Kali portrait.png
Kabbu portrait.png
Carmina portrait.png
Cenn portrait.png
Pisci portrait.png
Kali Kabbu Carmina Cenn Pisci

General ultimax portrait.png
Zasp portrait.png
Mothiva portrait.png
Cross portrait.png
Poi portrait.png
General Ultimax Zasp Mothiva Cross Poi

Riz portrait.png
Primal weevil portrait.png
Maki portrait.png
Kina portrait.png
Yin portrait.png
Riz Primal Weevil Maki Kina Yin

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