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I brought you into the scene... But I'll crush you nonetheless!
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Carmina is a character first found in the Underground Tavern. She specializes in Spy Cards, and introduces it to the Team when first talked to. She can later be found on Metal Island, as an opponent in the tournament arena and as a secret mid-boss.

Spy Logs
Bestiary A master of all games, Carmina loves playing for keeps, building wealth and outsmarting her opponents. Taunts and rule-sharking are all fair game, although she'd never cheat. On Metal Island, she had a hostile encounter with Team Snakemouth after they barged into her room uninvited.
Kabbu Surely there is a better solution to this? We...we could clean your room for a week? ...No? Hnngh... Everyone, stay alert. We have no idea how fortune will affect her attacks!
Vi L-Look, we didn't know your room was here! We're sorry! ...All of her attacks are kinda random, so I don't know what to expect. Hope we get lucky!
Leif Who DOESN'T get insurance nowadays? Guess being rich doesn't make you smart. Ah, crud. She heard us. Let's see where that roulette lands...


Carmina is a red and black Velvet Ant. She has patterns on her body in the style of traditional card suits; red heart and diamond shapes on her front, and black spades on her abdomen. She also wears a magenta choker around her neck and consistently has playing cards readied in her hand like a fan.


As a regular gambler, Carmina is often proud of her keen skills when playing against others, and loves nothing more than to win berries off of any overconfident or unprepared opponent. However, she takes her fair losses in stride.

Battle Information

The team fights her when they run into her by digging through the crack in the tournament arena and reach her private room. In this battle, she has average stats comparing to other mini-bosses fought at the same time (assuming Team Snakemouth is at the end of Chapter 3: Factory Inspection, the earliest time for Team Snakemouth to be able to enter the tournament), but her attacks are random.

She begins her turn by spinning a roulette. Depending on where it lands, it may heal or injure ally-or-enemy for 3, boost Carmina's stats, among other results. Her card toss attack inflicts a random status effect if not blocked, and her dice attack will deal a fixed amount of damage from 1 to 6 (regardless of Team Snakemouth's defense or game modes) depending on its result.


Because of her random status attack, it can undermine Team Snakemouth's plans if using status-based strategies to defeat her.

The randomized and uncontrollable dice can be problematic if the team has bad luck when hit by it.

As her randomness implies, Team Snakemouth can get very lucky or very unlucky while fighting Carmina. However, if Team Snakemouth is prepared well enough, she can be overcome.


  • Despite Carmina being called a 'Velvet ant', the family Mutillidae are actually a type of solitary wasp.
  • Carmina is a backer character and mini-boss designed by CasketCat.
  • Losing a battle against Carmina in Metal Island does not result in Game Over. Instead, a cutscene is shown where Team Snakemouth gets kicked out of Carmina's room as she shuts the door behind them.
  • Carmina can actually be first seen during the Golden Festival, dueling Arie. This gives foreshadowing to the latter's card master status, prior to the team learning about Spy Cards.