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Cactilings are cactus-like enemies in the Seedling family found in the Lost Sands. They disguise themselves as cacti and will reveal themselves when approached.

Spy Logs
Bestiary A member of the Seedling family, these plants evolved a hard shell with spikes to protect themselves from travelers and creatures scavenging for food in the Lost Sands. This shell also helps them retain water in their bodies for long periods of time. They can shoot out their spikes for projectile attacks, and also use them to ram into enemies, causing piercing damage. The spikes grow back very quickly, and sometimes travelers harvest them to make weapons and other goods.
Kabbu Incredible... I truly believed this to be a cactus. What an impressive disguise! Still, if it stands in our way, I shall flip it over. Let's go, team!
Vi Seriously? This is a Seedling!? I just don't get science sometimes... It's a bit too tough for the Beemerang... Better let Kabbu handle it!
Leif Seriously? There's no way anyone would fall for such a cheap disguise. We're almost offended. Our ice magic will put in some work as soon as Kabbu flips it over.


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