Cable Car Bodyguard is a quest in Bug Fables. It can be accepted from a quest board after entering Golden Settlement for the first time. The reward is 10 berries. It also fixes the cable car, granting access to the Super Block+ medal.

How to Complete[edit | edit source]

Talk to the GS Technician in Golden Path's first room. Defeat the three waves of enemies that show up.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Helping hand.png Helping Hand
Finish all Quests.
Inn Review Required I Want a New Taste Lost Toy Awful's Beauty Lost Books Book Return!
Parts Delivery Cable Car Bodyguard Hydration Crisis! Dropped my Hat! Theater Help Wanted! Requesting Assistance
Card Masters of Bugaria Leif's Request I Wanna Get Better! My Specialty A Smiling Dish Team Snakemouth...
I Want a Souvenir... Vi's Request Power Plant Investigation Butler Missing! It's Too Hot! Bandit Hunt
Stolen Item Explorer Check! Huuuuuuuuuu...!!! Ore Wanted Lost Item Want to Relive Memories...
My Brother is Gone! Helpers Needed at Once! Help me Get it Back! Butler Missing Again! My Mecha Claw! They Took Her...!
Find the Ingredients! Sweets From Outside! Rare Item Wanted In Search of Something It's Time...! Best Friend In The Fog!
Can't Sleep...! Lunch Delivery! In Search of Paint Seedling Hunt Kabbu's Request Confidential
A New Hope Bounty: Devourer Bounty: Seedling King Bounty: Tidal Wyrm Bounty: False Monarch
Bounty: Peacock Spider Loose Ends Getting Bored
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