Burglar is an enemy first encountered in a Chapter 3 mini-boss fight in the Lost Sands. After Chapter 3 is complete, they start appearing as normal enemies in the Lost Sands and Bandit Hideout. A Burglar with double HP and an ability to call other thug type enemies apears at the end of the "Theater Help Wanted!" quest.

In battle, Burglars can either tackle the entire party, dealing damage to everyone and stealing an item on a fail block, or throw stones, hitting a single bug. Since they have more dangerous attacks than other thugs, they're a priority target. With their defense and somewhat high HP, Freezing other enemies with Fridgid Coffin or Icefall might be recomended.

Spy Logs Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary These Ladybugs turned to crime after their exile, doing little to improve their already poor reputation. They still dream of returning to the Ant Kingdom, despite their crimes. It's undeniable, however, that their actions only make that dream stray further away.
Vi "Ugh... This is bad. Burglars are the worst! I can't believe how fast they can tackle, being so big...They're tough and good at stealing too... I hate them! Let's finish this quick!"
Kabbu "This burglar... Must he be like this? Have Ladybugs not been tarnished enough? We can't afford to feel sorry for him, though, for he is fast and strong... We must stay firm and fight back!"
Leif "Burglars... It's a shame how Bugaria seems so unsafe these days... We won't show mercy. We'll teach them a lesson they won't forget."

Trivia Edit

  • Burlars are the only thug type enemies to appear as talkable NPCs outside of battle.
    • One appears at the oasis in the Lost Sands in Chapter 4 if you haven't gotten the Sand Castle key from the Bandit Hideout yet.
    • One appears in a cell in Rubber Prison. After beating the game, he'll stand outside the gym next to a guard.
  • A Burglar appears of the roof of a building alongside Astotheles on the main menu after you beat Chapter 4 on any file.
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