The Bugaria Theater is a building in the Ant Kingdom City where plays are held.

Most of the entertainment in the theater seems to come from Mothiva, although it is unlikely that she is the only actress/actor to hold plays.

There is one quest in this area, "Theater Help Wanted!", requested from M.M. The reward is 30 berries, after going through 3 fights. It is a repeatable reward. After the Player finishes the game, M.M. will ask if the team would like to watch his new play, saying yes will start the Credits sequence.

The Theater has a music box that Kabbu can hit with his horn to rotate it. After a few seconds of music a Crystal Berry will pop out of the music box.

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Trivia Edit

  • During the Quest "Theater Help Wanted!" Chompy, Fuzzo, and M.M. can be seen in the audience.
  • The music that the music box plays is part of the Title Screen theme.
  • In the Bug Fables Demo, Mothiva is the Princess and Zasp is the Evil Prince.

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Chompy, Fuzzo, and M.M. sitting in the Audience

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