Bugaria Outskirts is a lush area filled with grass. A river that flows from Snakemouth Den cuts through this area.

The outskirts separates the four main kingdoms of Bugaria. They have, for the most part, low-leveled enemies.

Overview Edit

Bugaria Outskirts is a grass-themed area that covers a large scale from west to east. West is the path to Snakemouth Den, with the Seedling Haven on the other side of the river than the main route, and the east path leads to Lost Sands, Cave of Trials and Bugaria Pier. The path in the south leads to a cave that leads to Golden Path and Forsaken Lands.

A Dark Cherry and a Tangy Berry can be found buried on small islands in this area. To get them, both Beetle Dig and Bee Fly or Water Freeze is needed, meaning that the player will need to reach the Forsaken Lands or finish Leif's Request to obtain them.


Connected AreasEdit

Enemies foundEdit

Medals Edit

  • HP Plus (In the waterfall next to Cave of Trials, use Beemerang to grab it)
  • TBA

Trivia Edit

  • With Bug Me Not! on, after finishing Chapter 2, the player usually has enough level to ignore the Underlings on the way to Lost Sands. They may still have to fight them in the desert though, as more powerful enemies matching their current levels are encounted there.
  • The first friendly Venus' Bud is found at the entrance of Lost Sands.
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