Bugaria Outskirts is a lush, mostly peaceful grassland located outside Ant Kingdom City in southern Bugaria. Its landscape is carved out by a river that flows from Snakemouth Den in the west to Bugaria Pier in the east.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In the center of the outskirts, the Explorers' Association can be found. This organization founded by Elizant II promotes exploration in search of The Everlasting Sapling. It is where Maki first challenges Team Snakemouth to determine if they are worthy of an Explorer Permit.

Nearby is a leafy haven, where the Ladybug siblings Leby and Dib live. Directly north of their haven is Madeleine's house. After Chapter 1's boss is defeated, the traveling caravan in the middle of town will always have a Spicy Berry, Burly Berry, and Magic Seed in stock.

On the western path, which leads to Snakemouth Den, weak enemies such as Seedlings may be fought. After Chapter 1 is completed, Chuck lets Team Snakemouth rest at his abode. When either Leif's Request is completed or Bee Fly is learned, the northern river may be crossed, leading to the Seedling Haven where the Seedling King is fought for bounty.

By taking the eastern path, tougher variants of Seedlings known as Underlings may be encountered. A raised bridge, leading to the entrance to the Lost Sands, can be lowered after learning Beemerang Halt. To the right of the waterfall, the Cave of Trials can be entered. At the eastern shoreline, the Bugaria Pier is found.

The path directly south of the Explorers' Association leads to the Golden Cave, which serves as a connection between the outskirts and Golden Path, as well as the Forsaken Lands.

Sub-Area: Bugaria Pier[edit | edit source]

At this harbor where sailors and nautical bugs gather, a Pier Stop serves Roasted Berries and Berry Juice. For the price of Gui 29.png‍300 Berries, a boat may be taken to Metal Island. During Chapter 6, the Submarine replaces the ship at the dock.

Sub-Area: Golden Cave[edit | edit source]

This cave is crossed during Chapter 2 to enter Golden Path. After learning Horn Dash, the blocked path to the Forsaken Lands can be cleared.

Sub-Area: Cave of Trials[edit | edit source]

After using the Mysterious Piece, a holographic Roach appears and runs a challenge where Team Snakemouth can earn Gui 29.png‍Berries, Medals, and Items by fighting wave after wave of Enemies.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Cherry (found by using Kabbu's Beetle Dig on a pile in front of the Explorers' Association)
  • Dark Cherry (found by using Kabbu's Beetle Dig on a pile on an island in the river)
  • Tangy Berry (found by using Vi's Bee Fly or Leif's Icicle)

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Medals[edit | edit source]

  • HP Plus (In the waterfall next to Cave of Trials, use Beemerang to grab it)
  • TBA

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • With Bug Me Not! on, after finishing Chapter 2, Team Snakemouth usually has enough level to ignore the Underlings on the way to Lost Sands. They may still have to fight them in the desert though, as more powerful enemies matching their current levels are encounted there.
  • The first friendly Venus' Bud is found at the entrance of Lost Sands.
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