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Bugaria is the primary setting of Bug Fables. It features several distinct areas and locales, all of which can be explored over the course of the game.

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Map of Bugaria.

It resembles a human's backyard with a sandbox and a tree.



Before the Day of Awakening, bugs used to live for only a few days, spending most of that time as helpless larvae. By the time they had reached adulthood, their lives would shortly be over.[1][2]

The Day of Awakening

A cataclysmic event banished the fabled Giants to another world, leaving only bugs and other creatures behind.[3] The Roaches gained sapience after this event, giving birth to civilization.[4][5] Crystals served as an abundant power source for the Roaches, having appeared at the same time that the Day of Awakening started.[6][7][8] It is suggested by the Roach texts that a massive crystal known as the Mother Crystal fell from the sky during the Day of Awakening, providing all of Bugaria protection from the outside world under its powerful aura.[9][10] The Mother Crystal is believed to reside deep below the Forsaken Lands.[11]

Later on, many other types of bugs changed form and became sapient as well.[12] However, certain "lesser bugs," such as Spiders, Midges, and Weevils did not react to the Awakening, and remained unchanged, for some unknown reason.[13][14][15] These Lesser Bugs are ferocious, and attack bugs that come near them.[16] Some Ants, Bees, Wasps, and other bugs failed to evolve with the rest, causing long disputes between them and their evolved counterparts, who did not view them as equals.[17][18][19] With the passage of time, these bugs eventually all experienced the Awakening.[20]

The Everlasting Sapling

It is hypothesized that the Roaches created The Everlasting Sapling, which may explain why they mysteriously vanished.[21][22] Legends surrounding the sapling say that eating even one of its leaves will grant immortality.[23] Attracted by this legend, the first ants arrived in Bugaria, settling down to form the Ant Kingdom.[24][25][26]

Rule of Queen Elizant I

Shortly after the founding of the Ant Kingdom with Queen Elizant I as its ruler, the Bees also started a kingdom of their own, and became close allies with the Ants.[27] It is rumored that during Elizant I's rule, the Roaches that lived in Snakemouth Den faced a sudden demise.[28] In one night, Snakemouth Den was thereafter inhabited by fungi monsters.[29] Expeditions into Snakemouth Den have always suffered losses, so the search to find out why the roaches disappeared was put on hold.[30]

At some point during her rule, Elizant I visited the Dead Lands, and fought its creatures to ensure peace for Bugaria.[31]

Rule of Queen Elizant II

After Elizant I's passing, which her grieving subjects felt was too soon, it was time for a new Queen to be crowned.[32] Rather than kindness, Elizant I's daughter, Elizant II, seemed to radiate power, leaving many citizens of the Ant Kingdom worried about the future.[33][34]

The night after Elizant II took her throne, farmer Ants reported the disappearance of many Aphid Eggs.[35][36] A thorough investigation concluded that a band of seventeen Ladybugs were responsible.[37] Acting quickly, Elizant II restricted the entry of most Ladybugs into the Ant Kingdom.[38][39] This decision was highly controversial, and has led to criticism of the new Queen.[40]


Bugaria has four Kingdoms: The Ant Kingdom, where Queen Elizant II, Team Snakemouth, as well as other main protagonists come from and has a large residential area. The Bee Kingdom is high over the Big Tree near Defiant Root, it's also connected with a residential area, but more notably the Honey Factory. Its Queen is Bianca. The Termite Kingdom built in an underground area in Forsaken Lands, with an industrial/night city theme unlike the rest part of Bugaria's natural theme. Finally, the Wasp Kingdom laid north of Far Grasslands. Its Queen is Vanessa. Lost Sands is a vast desert that connects the Ant Kingdom, the Wasp Kingdom, Golden Settlement, and Defiant Root together. Stream Mountain and the Ancient Sand Castle is found deep inside the desert. Golden Settlement and its nearby areas also politically belongs to Bee Kingdom, with their Power Plant built there. The Wild Swamplands is northeast of the Far Grasslands. In the east of Bugaria there is Metal Lake, with Metal Island, Peacock Island, and the Rubber Prison near or inside it. There is also a hidden village near Far Grasslands called Fishing Village, it's Riz and Rizza's home. Rubber Prison also connects to the Dead Lands - Giant's Lair, a dark and abandoned place where Dead Landers roam around, and the Everlasting Sapling is fabled to be hidden. The Ant Mines connects many places of Bugaria together for explorers to travel around.


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