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They're just actors, but they inspire young bugs all over the land. Even in the north!
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The Bug Rangers are a group of fictional heroes interpreted by actors. According to Kabbu, they "inspire young bugs all over the land," and are popular even in other regions such as the Northern Kingdom. Many characters in the game know and like the Bug Rangers, such as Tod, Div, Venus, Jayde, Terrie and others.

Because of their popularity, the Bug Rangers have many forms of merchandise such as a comic book series[1], toys and posters.


  • Bug Ranger Blue appears to wear his wings like a cloak, a trait shared only by moths of older generations such as Leif and Grandpa.


  1. Dialogue when giving Brooke the Bug Ranger Plushie:
    Brooke: Oh...! Is that THE Bug Ranger plushie?! The limited one?!
    Kabbu: I-Indeed... Are you a fan of the Bug Rangers?
    Brooke: Well... yes. I love reading the comics.