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Bug Ranger Plushie is a Key Item in Bug Fables. It is a rare toy depicting Bug Ranger Green of the Bug Rangers. Kabbu becomes attached to it after purchase.


After defeating Zasp and Mothiva in the Colosseum, the plushie can be gifted to Terrie, a young Termite found sitting in front of the Colosseum. This makes her very happy, and grants the achievement Good Deed.

Before being gifted, the plushie can be used in incorrect places such as locked doors to trigger unique dialogue among the team, usually referencing Kabbu's sentimentality.

How to Acquire

Starting in Chapter 2, when Ant Kingdom City becomes explorable, the plushie can be bought for 40 Berries from Fuzzo in Bugaria Theater.


Giving to Terrie Terrie: What is it?

Vi: Whoa, wait.
Leif: Kabbu, are you sure? For a kid you just met?
Kabbu: Team, don't worry.
The Rangers inspired me to explore, yes.
But...I don't need them anymore. Think of all we've been through.
The Spider, the machines and bandits...the Beast.
We did that all together, and they were real adventures.
We've...we've surpassed the Bug Rangers.
So it's time to hand this down, so that a new child may dream of exploring!
Leif: ...
Vi: ...Kabbu...
Terrie: Y'all okay there?
Kabbu: I've got something for you!
Terrie's Sister: Oh dear! You found one!?
Kabbu: Indeed! Someday, you can be as strong as him!
Terrie's Sister: H-How much was it?
Terrie: I'm gonna go get my savings!
Kabbu: It's free, don't worry.
Use those berries for some good food!
Terrie: Really...?
Vi: Y-Yeah! On the house!
Leif: But you've got to take good care of it.
Terrie: I will! It's gonna look like new every day!
Terrie's Sister: T-Thank you. We don't meet kind bugs every day!
Kabbu: It was nothing. We do need to get going, however.
Vi: And they say money can't buy happiness.
Leif: Tch. How dare Kabbu be this cool...
Kabbu: Heheh. Onward to our next good deed!

Giving to Brooke Brooke: Oh, hey. It's you. Did you find any books?

Oh...! Is that THE Bug Ranger plushie?! The limited one?!
Kabbu: I-Indeed... are you a fan of the Bug Rangers?
Brooke: Well... yes. I love reading the comics.
Vi: Looks like you found a new friend, Kabbu!
Kabbu: Hehe... it's always nice to find other people that like the Bug Rangers!

Giving to a Venus' Flytrap Venus' Bud: This texture... This must be that famous Green Ranger plush!

Oh, what a great offering!
Kabbu: Vi, Leif, how dare you!
Give it back!
Venus' Bud: Taking back an offering!? You ingrates!

Giving to Vivi Vivi: ...That's that famous Bug Ranger doll, right?

Kabbu: It's not a doll...
Leif: Yeah. Would that do?
Vivi: It's not a Bee, so...no.

Using to unlock the Ancient Castle Leif: Surely the Roaches were a fan too. This should work.

Kabbu: Stop! You're getting sand all over it!

Using to enter the Spy Cards Tournament Card Guard: ...That girly doll is not proof!

Kabbu: G-girly?!
Vi: Woah! Brutal!
Card Guard: Don't waste my time! Bring me proof or you shall not pass!

Giving to Ann Ann: Uh, sorry. I think I'm a bit too old for the Bug Rangers...

Kabbu: Pardon me!? Justice cannot be outgrown!
Leif: ...Ignore him, he can get very sensitive.

Giving to Tod Tod: W-whoa, is that a green Bug Ranger plushie?! Can I really have this?!

Vi: Hee hee hee!
Tod: Aw man, what a bummer!

Giving to Div Div: Woah, I didn't know Eetl had this on him!

Kabbu: WHAT!? E-Excuse me, not that!
Div: Awww...



Good deed.png Good Deed
Give something expecting no reward.
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