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Remember, if you find any books, bring them to me. I will let you read any books you find free of charge.
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Brooke is an Ant who works alongside Libren in the Anthill Palace Library.

She puts the Lore Books that Team Snakemouth finds up on a shelf, where they can read them. All Lore Books must be found and given to her in order to complete the Lost Books quest.


Her skin, eyes, and abdomen are all shades of red. She has a stern expression on her face at all times, and holds a paper in her hand. She also wears armor with the Ant Crest displayed on it.


Her personality is exactly opposite of Libren's. Vi compares the two as being "night and day." Leif says he can relate to her "angry power reading aura."

Ali is afraid of returning his overdue book to her due to her temperament, and recommends that Team Snakemouth delivers it to Libren instead who is much more calm.


  • Her name is a play on the word book.