The Broodmother is a large Midge who made her den in the Honey Factory's Power Plant, using much of the energy from the power plant as sustenance and the electrified environment as a nest for her eggs. She has large green eyes, and is very large compared to other Midges, and also has two pairs of wings. After her defeat the Bee Guards were tasked to dispose of the eggs and her nest.

Broodmother will attack by charging one of the party members or shooting various Numbing projectiles. She also has a delayed Numbing projectile and will summon more Midges and boost her number of turns if she is getting lower on health.

This electrically charged Mama Midge was drawn to the Golden Settlement's power plant. Absorbing energy to her heart's content, she caused several power outages while setting up her nest. Bee soldiers were tasked with removing her nest after her defeat, but many soldiers felt the task was a tad cruel.

Mother of horns! itches. But its numbing does not let me scratch! What cruelty! If we are to survive, we must block perfectly. Remember, Midges react to their comrades' pain!

Ow! Sto--...! S-Stop it! I'm tired of getting numbed! Grr... We gotta stop the small ones from attacking so we can take care of this one!

This is the absolute worst thing we've had to fight. A constant barrage of numbing stings... Let's freeze up the small ones, see if it takes some pressure off us.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Broodmother and the Wasps fought at some period between the beginning of chapter 2 and during Chapter 3, indirectly causing the Lockdown at the Honey Factory. This is evidenced by the scattered Wasp Trooper spears around the nest and close proximity to the Far Grasslands tunnel.
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