Bounties are Bosses found in various locations across Bugaria. They are strong, powerful entities that threaten the common folk of Bugaria and are thus requested for elimination, quests which appear in the Underground Tavern. Each Bounty drops a unique Crystal item which can be turned into the Underground Tavern for rewards.

None of the Bounties are required to complete the game and are entirely optional. Defeating all Bounties unlocks the 'A Better Bugaria' achievement.

Seedling King[edit | edit source]

The Seedling King.

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The Seedling King is found at the Seedling Haven in Bugaria Outskirts, accessible after Leif learns Icicle.

It is an elderly Seedling who had lived long enough to be crowned a ruler, and then mutated into its current form through this. The Tangy Berries that grow around its crown are able to morph into different Seedling species, which live short but dedicated lives to the King.

It is capable of bashing and rolling for heavy damage, and summoning Seedling varieties through Tangy Berries on its head.

Devourer[edit | edit source]

The Devourer.

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The Devourer is found in a northern area of the Golden Path, which is accessible after Vi learns Beemerang Halt.

It is a large pitcher plant that, in the early days of the Golden Settlement, it became known for attacking the researchers who were seeking to place windmills in the Golden Path.

It attacks by splitting poison and can summon Flytraps, and it is also capable of swallowing party members whole, draining their health in the process.

Tidal Wyrm[edit | edit source]

The Tidal Wyrm.

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The Tidal Wyrm is found the lowest accessible point of Stream Mountain, after Kabbu learns Beetle Dig.

It is a dragon-like being known to attack the explorers who enter the mountain at higher tides, forcing them to fight in flooded spaces.

It is able to attack by launching damaging water, and has a powerful bite. Its tail is considered a separate entity and is capable of firing orbs of water into the air to fall and hit later. This tail can be damaged to stun the Tidal Wyrm.

Peacock Spider[edit | edit source]

The Peacock Spider.

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The Peacock Spider is found in the Metal Lake, accessible as soon as the party obtains the submarine. It is located on Peacock Island. It was known for using alluring music to bring sailors to the island, who it would then attack.

It is capable of summoning Spider enemies that will attack in place of it, and performing exotic dances to boost their minions' capabilities.

False Monarch[edit | edit source]

The False Monarch.

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The False Monarch is found in the Ancient City in Forsaken Lands.

It is a cluster of the most intelligent Mothflies together beneath a robe and mask, attempting to replicate the look of a monarch. It had taken over a settlement in the Forsaken Lands long after it was abandoned, along with other Mothfly cluster 'citizens'. It was able to speak its own language and seemed to be the top of the Mothfly social hierarchy.

Despite its mundane appearance, the False Monarch is very powerful and hostile, capable of launching highly damaging, poisoning Mothflies at foes, and summoning other Mothflies from beneath its robe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • All Bounties use the same battle theme, which is shared with Mother Chomper, Broodmother and the battle against Maki, Kina, and Yin.
    • Coincidentally, all of these bosses are optional.
  • Mother Chomper and Seedling King uses the normal mini-boss theme in their early featured videos, but in the final version, both use the Bounty theme instead. Mother Chomper was considered as a Bounty at that time, but it is not in the final version.
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