Bloatshrooms are large, sentient mushrooms found in Upper Snakemouth. They disguise themselves as ordinary mushrooms and will reveal themselves when threats draw near.

They primarily attack by jumping to crush enemies or releasing numbing spores (which requires a mashing command to mitigate). Their spore attack can heal the other fungal horrors roaming the lab for 3 HP and occasionally, a Jellyshroom will join a lone Bloatshroom after it has attacked this way.

A toxic, massive shroom lying in the hidden parts of Snakemouth. Although blind, it can navigate by feeling vibrations in the soil and air.When it feels threatened, it shoots powerful poison gas.

Everyone, hold your breath! This humongous creature emits poison gas! Leif, I know we ask too much of you...but focus your ice attacks on it quickly!

Eep! How can such a big thing jump that high!? Watch out, everyone! It's poisonous too... Good thing I've brought my Secret Stash! Leif, let's pull out some ice moves!

This hideous thing... We feel it holds some connection to the Jellyshroom. It should be equally weak to ice. Let's be wary of its poison and counterattack!

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