Bloatshrooms are enemies found in Upper Snakemouth. They appear as grey mushrooms without eyes, and a much bulkier body compared to Jellyshrooms. In battle, they have two (?) attacks: To jump on a party member for high damage, or scatter numbing spores around damaging every party member. Like other fungi enemies, they are also weak to ice attacks. Comparing to other mid-game enemies (assuming at post Chapter 4, where the lab is accessible), Bloatshrooms are considered somehow tougher than others because they have higher HP, defense and attack power. In addition to that, their numbing attack is very dangerous and can often make even the prepared players to lose if they miss even one guard, as they tend to use the attack over and over again, giving the team absolutely no chance to recover, unless the Numb Resistance Medal is equipped. All of Leif's ice skills are useful on them, so consider spending TP on those skills if needed.

Spy LogEdit

Spier Description
Bestiary A toxic, massive shroom lying in the hidden parts of Snakemouth. Although blind, it can navigate by feeling vibrations in the soil and air.When it feels threatened, it shoots powerful poison gas.
Vi "Eep! How can such a big thing jump that high!? Watch out, everyone! It's poisonous too... Good thing I've brought my Secret Stash! Leif, let's pull out some ice moves!
Kabbu Everyone, hold your breath! This humongous creature emits poison gas! Leif, I know we ask too much of you...but focus your ice attacks on it quickly!
Leif This hideous thing... We feel it holds some connection to the Jellyshroom. It should be equally weak to ice. Let's be wary of its poison and counterattack!



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