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| style="text-align:center;" |40/45
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| style="text-align:center;" |A vile, flirty criminal who escaped the public eye for many moons.He would post pleas for help in quest boards, and then drain the life from explorers who would come to help.Thanks to Team Celia and Team Snakemouth, his face has become known. He has since gone missing to escape pursuit.
| style="text-align:center;" |A vile, flirty criminal who escaped the public eye for many moons.He would post pleas for help in quest boards, and then drain the life from explorers who would come to help.Thanks to Team Celia and Team Snakemouth, his face has become known. He has since gone missing to escape pursuit.

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The bestiary is filled by using the spy skill on an enemy in battle. Once spied on each enemy will show its HP and a little about the enemy you are fighting. Kabbu, Leif, and Vi can all use the spy ability and all have different flavor text for each enemy.








Max HP










001 4/5 0/0

The common Seedling, characterized by the rectangular flower adorning its head, is one of the most common species in the world.

They are tenacious and have a huge appetite, which they sate by devouring farmers' crops.

002 6/7 2/2

To protect themselves from the many predators in the Golden Hills, these Seedlings gave up their ability to fly for a hard outer shell

This doesn't stop Acornlings from being attacked, but their survival rates have gone up massively.

003 9/12 0/0

Aggressive without provocation, this Seedling varient creates confusion amongst scholars

Despite evolving in an area without predators and have abundant food, they have developed shot tempers and even poisonous attacks.

004 6/8 2/2

A member of the Seedling family, these plants evolved a hard shell with spikes to protect themselves from travelers and creatures scavenging for food in the Lost Sands.

This shell also helps them retain water in their bodies for long periods of time.

005 7/8 0/0

These flying Seedlings embody friendship, co-dependence, and cute things.

Completely awful at fighting, they've struck a deal with the local creatures: in exchange for support, it will be protected.

As an unexpected side effect, creatures fight each other to become its partner.

006 4/5 3/3

This Seedling has adapted to the Forsaken Lands, sacrificing cuteness and speed for power and monstrous defense.

Although some say it is delicious, the truth is it's almost impossible to take a bite out of it.

Golden Seedling
007 4/5 ???

The infamous Golden Seedling shows up in tales across generations despite its rarity.

Said to bring the best of luck and wealth to those who find it, many have expended their time and savings hunting for them.

008 6/5 0/1

Zombiants are a popular folk tale, a story told to children to keep them from venturing into caves.

Disturbing reports have shown that Snakemouth Den seems to be inhabited with the real thing.

Caution is advised while thorough investigation is held.

009 9/12 0/0

One of Snakemouth Lab's forgotten experiments.

The noble goal of creating a bee with infinite stamina and strong wings quickly turned into a tragedy.

010 12/15 1/1

Poor kidnapped Beetles, who suffered unexpected side effects in Snakemouth's Lab

The goal was to create a powerful beetle who could dig to the other side of the world. The result was a fierce, violent monster.

011 6/7 0/0

Data on this species is anecdotal, as it's a new organism discovered by a trio of explorers in Snakemouth Den.

It camouflages itself as a regular shroom, and it attacks nearby beings it feels threatened by.

012 11/14 1/1

A toxic, massive shroom lying in the hidden parts of Snakemouth.

Although blind, it can navigate by feeling vibrations in the soil and air.

When it feels threatened, it shoots powerful poison gas.

013 3/4 2/2

The Inichas is a multi-legged caterpillar covered in sturdy, spiky armor.

It's in the early stages of its life, and it was supposed to become a Butterfly.

However, the strange stmosphere in Snakemouth Den altered it in weird ways: it will forever be a violent, irrational caterpillar.

014 8/10 0/0

These lesser caterpillars roam around the Honey Factory, attracted by the abundant electricity in the area.

They are able to store electricity in their bodies which they use to protect themselves from predators and the Bees.

015 8/11 1/2

With a face only a mother could love, the Madesphy grumpily trudges along the swamplands.

It's poisonous to eat, thorny to touch, and deafening to hear its wails.

One could say it has adapted to its habitat perfectly.

016 6/7 0/1

This one-eyed snail travels slowly across the Golden region. It used to be hunted by bugkind due to the usefulness of its shell, and the good taste of its meat.

To combat this, it developed sedative laser eyes to fend off its many predators, and they've mostly been left alone in recent times.

017 9/11 2/2

Only the toughest, fastes, and strongest of snails could manage to survive in the Forsaken Lands.

Enter the Ironnail, capable of firing sedating beams and moving at high speeds.

They've developed a hatred of non-foggy areas, sparing other parts of Bugaria from their wrath.

018 5/7 0/0

Midges are said to be distant relatives of Mosquitoes, but making that comparison is a quick way to get in a fight.

Usually found in caves, Midges hunt together and will protext each other when a member of their pack is attacked.

019 6/6 0/1

These vicious plants see bugs as meals and roam the Golden region.

They're always looking for their next snack, and tourists must be wary of them.

Although small, they can quickly multiply if left alone. The must never be underestimated.

Chomper Brute
020 23/28 1

This Chomper has grown large and strong due to being in great proximity to both its mother and very fertile areas.

It can spawn strong young Chompers, and its bite can pierce through rock.

Wild Chomper
021 7/8 2/2

These Chompers have grown immobile so they can absorb the rich nutrients of the Far Grasslands.

They've developed the ability to shoot seeds over great distances and extend their roots to strike and snare their prey.

022 8/9 0/0

Rumored to be closely related to Beetles, these predators are often found searching the Golden region for food.

They are herbivores, but will attack nearby bugs should they be disturved.

Some claim to have tamed Weevils as loyal partners, but these claims haven't been confirmed.

023 8/7 0/1

The rustling sound of scattering sand warns travelers of the presence of a Psicorp.

Its claws can poison or sedate, depending on the situation.

Prey gets sedated, and predators poisoned. Travelers, unfortunately, are subject to both.

Arrow Worm
024 8/10 0/0

The Arrow Worm is the most hated pest of the Lost Sands, annoying villagers and bandits alike.

Its sharp teeth can cut through many strong materials, leaving many homes with more windows than they need.

Explorer efforts have been made to lower their numbers, with moderate sucess.

025 8/11 0/0

These Dragonfly thieves lurk within the Lost Sands. The buzz their wings produce while flying hinders their sneakiness, yet their Mug Tackle is 100% effective.

Voted the cutest members of the desert bandits, the other members make sure the Dragonflies eat first during times of scarcity.

026 9/11 1/1

These Crickets bandits spark fear amongst all caravans traveling through the harsh desert.

They are ruthless and efficient, and they have no intent to negotiate.

They change completely when amongst their brethren. They act like older siblings to the Dragonflies, and even enjoy gardening.

027 11/14 1/1

These Ladybugs turned to crim after their exile, doing little to improve their already poor reputation.

They still deam of returning to the Ant Kingdom, despite their crimes.

It's undeniable, however, that their actions only make that dream stray further away.

028 13/16 0/1

These freed prisoners are so dangerous, the Wasps left the cuffs on.

They don't care, though. They're cruel and cunning enough to wreak enough havoc using only their legs.

It will be a headache to round them up again...

029 6/7 1/1

The Bee-boop sports cutting edge propulsion systems, allowing it to patrol multiple areas, even those without footing.

The weaponry was an afterthought, but it gets the job done.

Security Turret
030 8/6 1/2

This automated protector is the legacy of the previous generation's greatest inventor.

Although a bit outdated, it performs its job efficiently by firing powerful missiles to disarm intruders.

Efforts to replace it have been made, but nobody wants to provide the budget to accomplish it.

031 5/5 ???

These automated mechanical helpers are both adorable and extremely capable.

Their countless unpaid hours of support ensure the factory runs well while most Bees sleep.

Sometimes they get a bit wacky, but scientists assure their existentialism is nothing more than glitches.

032 10/10 0/0

Under certain conditions not yet understood, the indiscriminate mixing of large amounts of honey can give birth to this beast.

It lives only to devour before it is consumed.

033 40/40 0/0

The worst case scenario, the most uncontainable disaster of poor honey mixing!

This rare sighting, capable of punching through steel, was contained by a brave group of explorers.

034 8/10 1/1

An artificial entity created to defend the Lost Sand's castle.

Designed to adapt to any temperature, their weaponry applies different effects based on the environment.

Attempts to engineer one from scratch in modern times have failed.

035 11/14 0/0

These guardians were designed to hide in plain sight, attacking intruders while their guards lay low.

They adapt to the cold with ease, and won't stop chasing unwanted visitors until they leave or are buried beneath the sands.

Haunted Cloth
036 13/17 0/0

Running off the energy of ancient crystals, this being reacts to noise and movement.

It seeks to incapacitate scavengers and absorb their energy as a backup enrgy reserve.

Leafbug Ninja
037 8/10 0/0

The most cunning of the Leafbugs, the ninja faction hides in plain sight while hunting prey.

Using methods modern science still cannot comprehend, they are able to clone themselves.

Leafbug Archer
038 8/12 0/0

The archer faction is the most territorial of the Leafbugs, firing a volley of arrows at any who approach them.

Sometimes they get too into their job, and accidentally fire upon their allies.

No one dares complain, lest they get shot again.

Leafbug Clubber
039 10/13 1

Possessing enough strength to topple branches, the clubber faction forms the frontline of the leafbugs.

They are cocky and proud, constantly demanding payment for every little thing they do.

Even when denied, they're all too happy to fight and show off.

040 11/10 0/1

Resembling Wasps more than Mantids, yet unrelated to both, these fast hunters surprise explorers with their intelligence.

Their appetite demands they hunt for food, pillaging anything they can.

To prevent being confused with them, Wasps have a unique salute while scouting the Far Grasslands.

Jumping Spider
041 9/12 0/0

Playful and elusive, the Jumping Spider bounces around the grasslands while avoiding its many predators.

Its hobbies include grabbing things, eating bugs, and jumping. Lots of jumping. Despite its mobility, it preys on stationary targets.

Mimic Spider
042 13/16 0/0

These Spiders roam around the Forsaken Lands looking for innocent travelers to snack on.

Being able to stand upright, they can mimic the way other bugs like Ants move, even using heir front legs as fake antennae.

Their sedating saliva can be a real pain in the neck.

Diving Spider
043 11/13 0/0

This underwater bug can take in oxygen using a special bubble. Even so, it surfaces from time to time.

It can deploy poisonous or high pressure bubbles to protect itself while scouting.

Although attempts have been made to pop its bubble, it doesn't seem to be possible.

Water Strider
044 11/15 0/0

Despite their size, Water Striders are extremely light to the point that they can stand on water.

Their thin legs can skate through water or stretch to give them an intimidating height.

When everything else fails, they can shoot powerful pressurized water.

045 15/18 2/2

This extra large bug boasts impressive size and strength due to a mix of ruthless evolution and a really good diet.

It's aggressive and territorial, grabbing anything near it and lobbing it towards others.

Towns are wary whenever one is spotted outside of their usual caves, as the collateral damage they can cause is humongous.

046 5/9 0/0

This adorable blob flies through the Forsaken Lands, searching for food.

It's weak, but surprisingly intelligent.

They say that when enough of them are nearby, something incredible could happen.

Mothfly Cluster
047 12/15 0/0

The smartest of all Mothflies, after realizing they had better chances working as a team, conglomerated into this...thing.

Sturdier and stronger, enough hits should cause them to go their separate ways.

Sometimes, they do stick together even in defeat.

Wasp Scout
048 15/15 0/0

Do not be fooled by this soldier's petite figure. Wasp Scouts are just as deadly and vicious as the rest of the army.

Using their prowess in flight, they honor their name by scouting ahead to ensure a smooth operation.

Wasp Trooper
049 14/10 1/2

These foot soldiers from the Wasp Kingdom follow their King's orders obsessively. Even when losing, they will go down fighting.

Wasps are trained to be soldiers when they become of age, but these are exceptional even amongst them.

Wasp Bomber
050 6/11 2/2

These physically frail Wasps contribute to the war effort by supporting other troops from the back.

Equipped with a vast array of bombs, they try to end the battle with firepower before being targeted.

Wasp Driller
Wasp Driller
051 15/18 1/1 Part of the Wasp Elite, these drillers are as cunning as they are powerful. They've mastered many battle tactics utilizing their drills, both offensive and defensive. Should a general fall, they're the first in line to be promoted.
Venus' Bud
Venus' Bud
052 9/10 0/0 According to Acolyte Aria, these sturdy plants are part of the Harvest Goddess, Venus. They have amazing healing properties, and will always support the denizens of the Golden Hills when possible.

They can also shoot pollen capable of making the liveliest of bugs falls asleep. When angered, they are able to take flight, and will shoot their pollen nonstop. They can even heal their own wounds as long as they are rooted... Their truly divine properties require further study.

Acolyte Aria
Acolyte Aria icon
053 23/26 0/0 One of Venus' acolytes, Aria spends her time in the Golden Settlement, preaching the words of Venus herself. She prays in order to summon vines, which she can use to attack or to propel herself for a nasty kick.
054 18/20 0/0 One of Bugaria's most famous idols, Mothiva also works as an explorer. Despite the friendly appearance she gives off to the public, she is ruthless and ambitious. Together with Zasp, she has no qualms being unethical to reach her goals.
055 27/25 0/1 One of the few Wasps to be accepted into the Ant Kingdom, Zasp hunts for treasure like many other explorers. His allegiances and motives are completely centered around Mothiva. When she's not around, he loosens up a bit.
056 43/50 0/1 The leader of the Lost Sands' bandits, Astotheles lives by an ironic code of honor. He vanishes and appears without notice, his every mission dedicated to improve life in his hideout.

It is said he wishes to establish his own country. But with the list of his crimes only increasing, this becomes unlikelier every day. But at the end of the day, the love and loyalty of his bandit family is enough for him.

Dune Scorpion
Dune Scorpion
057 38/44 1/1 This rabid beast is the nightmare of all the denizens of the desert. It strikes without reason, without mercy... It only wishes to cause violence. Its stinger holds multiple poisons, and its strength is massive. Upon sighting, do not fight - flee!
Primal Weevil
Primal Weevil
058 65/72 1/1 The most aggressive, unruly, and powerful type of Weevil, this primal creature stands at the top of the Forsaken Land's food chain. Anyone traveling the area is well advised to carry little food, lest they risk catching its attention.
059 16/21 0/1 Cross is a skilled but naive border guard, who always checks with his partner Poi for a second opinion. He uses a crossbow to complement his naturally close-range attacks.
060 18/27 0/0 Poi is a disciplined border guard who follows the law to the letter. He makes sure to keep his partner Cross on track. He uses a sword to complement his naturally long-range attacks.
061 34/40 0/0 The ender of journeys, this vicious Spider made Snakemouth Den its hunting ground while guarding an ancient artifact. Seemingly immortal, it haunted the cave for countless moons before being defeated by a trio of explorers. Although it is now gone, the stories of bugs trapped in its web will haunt explorers forever.
Venus' Guardian
Venus' Guardian
062 62/51 0/1 This fearsome beast was created by Venus for a combat trial using a sunflower as its base.It had many abilities such as flight, seed cannons, and sheer strength. To top it off, the Goddess herself increased its abilities during the battle.If Venus created this beast in mere moments, there is no telling what her true powers could do with more preparation.
Heavy Drone B-33
Heavy Drone B-33
063 55/65 1/1 The culmination of years of research, the Heavy Drone B-33 was created with a single purpose: protect the factory's core.Although it was heavily damaged in combat, with some repairs it'll be back better than ever, ready to serve the Bee Kingdom.
The Watcher
The Watcher
064 56/69 0/0 Of unknown origin, this Roach-shaped creature only knows its purpose is to guard the artifact. Capable of speech and intelligent thought, it is all the more baffling to know it has never been alive.
The Beast
The Beast
065 76/82 1/1 This terrifying creature haunted the Wild Swamplands, devouring everything without mercy.The Leafbug tribes are the only inhabitants who adapted well enough to evade it.Kabbu brought it to its end, avenging the friends he lost while traveling to Bugaria...
General Ultimax
General Ultimax icon
066 20/20 0/0 A master of machinations and delegation, he is responsible for leading the Wasp King's missions.While physically inept and a coward, he still commands the respect of his troops. Most likely due to fear of the Wasp King.Also, his actual name is Fuff.
Ultimax Tank
067 70/80 1/1 Fuff's ultimate form, harnessing the power of the Wasp Kingdom's most dangerous arsenal.The machine was built for the Wasp royalty to use in case of emergency, but Fuff stole it after the Wasp King took over.This baby's got so much firepower.
Mother Chomper
Mother Chomper
068 50/58 0/1 A Chomper that grew in extremely fertile soil and was exposed to just the right amount of light.She spawns endless Chompers to bring food to her, as she cannot move her roots.Despite that flaw, she is strong beyond belief and can devour bugs in one bite.
Midge Broodmother
069 65/70 0/0 This electrically charged Mama Midge was drawn to the Golden Settlement's power plant.Absorbing energy to her heart's content, she caused several power outages while setting up her nest. Bee soldiers were tasked with removing her nest after her defeat, but many soldiers felt the task was a tad cruel.
070 94/110 1/1 All of the Roaches' research lead to this. The ultimate immortal guardian.What they couldn't predict was being unable to control it, as it razed the laboratory of life with its monstrous magic.Is this what Leif could have been...?
Seedling King
Seedling King
071 74/90 0/0 The few Seedlings who survive much longer than anyone expected them to are crowned as wise and powerful rulers.This confidence boost actually mutates the Seedling, granting it incredible power and resilience. Kings can create other Seedling species from Tangy Berries that grow around their "crown". These lead shorter yet incredibly devoted lives. It's recommended to clear them all out while battling a King.
Tidal Wyrm
Tidal Wyrm-0
072 90/103 0/0 Stream Mountain's depths conceal a vast water network.However, there is something else hidden beneath the currents... An aggressive beast that devours explorers whole!It takes advantage of the watery terrain, forcing bugs to fight it in flooded spaces. Team Snakemouth managed to defeat it during the low tide season.Thanks to them, no more dreams will get sunk while exploring this mountain.
Peacock Spider
Peacock Spider
073 75/95 1/1 Sailors speak of an island in the far reaches of Metal Lake.An addicting beat drives them to explore its uncharted shores.By then, it's already too late, as the Peacock Spider's song has drawn them to their doom...Team Snakemouth finally confirmed this folk tale as reality, after their report on the beast's unique abilities.It seems to have been able to summon reinforcements to empower with its dancing. A tough battle, scholars imagine.
074 51/59 0/1 In the early days of the Golden Settlement, windmills were being set absolutely everywhere to test energy production limits.A team of scientists began building a few east of the town, not noticing the flytraps growing underneath them...{By the time they realized it, it was too late. A gigantic Devourer attacked, accompanied by vicious flytraps.Although most managed to escape, the Devourer had yet to pay for those it swallowed whole.In an expedition, Team Snakemouth finally delivered justice.
False Monarch
False Monarch icon
075 100/111 0/0 Comprised entirely of the most intelligent Mothflies banding together, this creepy being stands as ruler of a land everyone's already deserted.When defeated, the Mothflies disbanded, leaving the city truly abandoned once more. Regrettably, there was not enough time to conduct an investigation on the Mothflies' speech patterns and social hierarchy.
076 30/35 0/0 Born in the Golden Settlement, Cenn always found his peaceful town to be a big bore. After moons of pranking the villagers, he moved to the Ant Kingdom and met Pisci. His dreams of forming a rascal team were shut down by Maki, and he resorted to petty vandalism.Hopefully some time behind bars will help him rehabilitate...
077 23/28 1/2 Pisci always felt out of place in the orderly Ant Kingdom. After meeting Cenn, she truly blossomed into a troublemaker.Her new lifestyle was cut short when Maki rejected their team, and Team Snakemouth caught them harassing Amber.Maybe after her sentence is up, she'll go back to a quiet life.
Monsieur Scarlet
Monsieur Scarlet
078 40/45 0/1 A vile, flirty criminal who escaped the public eye for many moons.He would post pleas for help in quest boards, and then drain the life from explorers who would come to help.Thanks to Team Celia and Team Snakemouth, his face has become known. He has since gone missing to escape pursuit.
079 30/25 0/1 An unfortunate battle caused by very alluring pheromones. Kabbu would prefer it never be spoken of again.
Kali icon
080 35/41 0/0 A talented seamstress who owns a shop in Defiant Root, Kali came from a foreign land to Bugaria to sell her homemade wares. They are very popular amongst tourists that pass through the settlement.She is also well known for her exotic dancing, something she learned in her homeland. {This dance is able to boost people's morale no matter what, making her a dazzling partner who supports her allies with various boosts. She tends to panic and surrender when she's targeted, though. She can't risk damaging her hands!
Carmina icon
081 45/60 0/0 A master of all games, Carmina loves playing for keeps, building wealth and outsmarting her opponents.Taunts and rule-sharking are all fair game, although she'd never cheat.On Metal Island, she had a hostile encounter with Team Snakemouth after they barged into her room uninvited.
082 75/85 0/1 This crafty Dragonfly has managed to make a living in the Far Grasslands.He uses a robust system of traps and tracking to stay safe while sleeping and collecting food.Thankfully, he seems to be fluent in Bugnish.
083 85/85 3/3 The Queen's Blade, Maki, is both Elizant II's most trusted knight and the leader of the highest-ranked exploration team.He is the only one with the authority to certify new explorers, such as Team Snakemouth. Although he tends to operate alone, he has grown to respect Team Snakemouth after their journey to the Wasp Kingdom.His new favorite food is the MiteBurger.
084 63/63 2/2 Extremely protective of her brother Maki, Kina forms the second half of Bugaria's best exploration team.She is extremely capable and holds great strength. She is quite selfish, however. One would be hard-pressed to find her helping others without Maki or the Queen's orders. She used to hold a great dislike for Yin, who she considered to be stealing Maki's attention.Her favorite drink is the Aphid Shake.
085 50/50 1/1 An unusual caterpillar who wasn't able to pupate.With Maki, Kina, and Team Snakemouth's help, she reached her true form.The sole known user of healing magic, the good she could bring to Bugaria is endless. Regardless, she's still a bit childish. It will be up to Maki to raise her into an upstanding citizen.Her favorite food is the Sweet Shroom.
Dead Lander Alpha
Dead Lander A
086 29/33 1/1 One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven.It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather.
Dead Lander Beta
Dead Lander B
087 18/21 1/1 One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven.It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather.
Dead Lander Gamma
Dead Lander Y
088 35/40 1/2 One of the incomprehensible beasts that lay beyond Bugaria's safe haven.It is too risky to engage, even with a full exploration team. Flee on sight. More information would be too risky to gather.
Wasp King
Wasp King
089 90/105 0/0 Hoaxe was abandoned by his parents in the middle of the Dead Lands, before he spoke his first words. Only through a miracle did he survive to reach Bugaria, where he managed to blend into the Wasp Kingdom's populace.He had no friends, and no respect. All he had was his job: cleaning up trash. One day, he vanished from the Wasp Kingdom. Nobody cared.When he returned, unrecognized by all who ostracized him, he commanded such power and charisma...They had no choice but to serve him.
The Everlasting King
The Everlasting King
090 55/65 1/1 Although the Everlasting Sapling seemed wilted, it still possessed enough power to morph Hoaxe into an incredibly powerful form.Commanding the power of the artifacts, the flames, and the Sapling, there was no logical way for Team Snakemouth to win.{What was the reason, then, for Hoaxe's power to eventually run out...?Sadly, as the Everlasting Sapling is no more, research cannot be conducted.

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