Belostoss are large enemies encountered within Stream Mountain and the Golden Cave

They can lift a boulder from the ground, throwing it on their next turn. Any flipping attack will cause the Belostoss to drop the boulder and cancel the attack. In Hard Mode, they may throw a boulder on the same turn it was lifted.

They have a 40% chance of dropping one of the following items after defeat: Honey'd Leaf, Leaf Salad, Hearty Breakfast, Glazed Honey, Mushroom Skewer, Roasted Berries, Clear Bomb, Sleep Bomb, Shaved Ice, Cold Salad, Baked Yam, Burly Chips, Yam Bread, and Sweet Pudding.

This extra large bug boasts impressive size and strength due to a mix of ruthless evolution and a really good diet. It's aggressive and territorial, grabbing anything near it and lobbing it towards others. Towns are wary whenever one is spotted outside of their usual caves, as the collateral damage they can cause is humongous.

Holy Smoked Shrooms...! It can carry such weight with ease! Yet, I can feel its balance is shaky... I will try to knock the rock out of its hands!

...Y'all wouldn't consider just running from this one, right? I know it's no Spider, but...-?! Whoa! It's got a giant rock! Kabbu, hurry up and hit it!

Whoa! That rock nearly splatted us... Haven't you heard of saying "hello"? No response. Guess there's no point trying to negotiate, then... Time to freeze it.

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