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The Bee Kingdom Hive is one of the four Kingdom areas in the game, besides Ant Kingdom City, Wasp Kingdom Hive and Termite Capitol. It is the home for many bees and the place the team travels to during Chapter 3. The Honey Factory is connected to it.


The hive is high up on the tree in Bugaria, so an elevator is used to carry visitors up to it. It is a circular area similar to Ant Mines that has several paths that lead off of it.


Main Plaza

A clothing shop can be found, selling Mothiva brand clothing and is where the Bee Hat and Pretty Ribbon can be found, as well as and Mothiva and Zasp after the completion of the game. Speaking to Vilma near the honey fountain can restore the team's TP. Artia can also be found here, who gives the quest In Search of Paint in Chapter 6.

Jaune's Room

Accessible after Chapter 3, it's where Vi's Request is assigned and finished. After finishing the quest, Jaune will allow the team to rest there for free. It has some painting tools next to its entrance.

Dr. H.B.'s Lab

Doctor H.B.'s lab is one of the areas Team Snakemouth visits during Chapter 3, when a cutscene about Dr. H.B. trying to examine Leif is played. The B.O.S.S. can be found and used here. It has a hologram of H.B. at its entrance.

Professor Honeycomb's Lab

It's where Prof. Honeycomb can be found. After the team finds Hawk in the desert and brings a Chomper Seed to Prof. Honeycomb, she will bring the Chomper Seed into Chompy. The A.D.B.P. Enhancer Medal is also obtained here.

Residential Area

The 'balcony' of the hive. The doors leading to the rooms are not accessible, but the team can buy a Flower Key from Beette, which can be used to unlock the locked house in Ant Kingdom Plaza. The team can also use the 'Eliascope' here to have a view of Bugaria.

The Honey Factory

Main article: Honey Factory

The Honey Factory is where the Bee Kingdom produces its honey and the dungeon of Chapter 3.

Honey Throne Room

It's where Queen Bianca can be found and talked to. After Chapter 3, Team Snakemouth speak to Bianca to be assigned the Power Plant Investigation quest.


Icon Name and Description Location
The bee kingdom icon.png Discovery #25 The Bee Kingdom

Standing above all other Kingdoms, the Bees produce delicious honey and are a center for artistic and technological advancement
It's also Vi's hometown, although she never quite felt at home there.''

Enter the Bee Kingdom Hive.
Balcony telescope icon.png Discovery #26 Balcony Telescope

After glasses were invented, scientists only had one question: How much more can we zoom in?
This telescope overseeing Bugaria, nicknamed the Eliascope, was the answer to that question.''

Observe the Eliascope on the balcony.
B.o.s.s. icon.png Discovery #27 B.O.S.S.

Using cutting-edge solid vision technology and the records contained in ancient crystals, this super expensive machine can let you relieve fights from the past!''

Talk to B.O.S.S.
Bee hat icon.png Bee Hat

This bee hat is super popular at parties! The perfect souvenir!

Purchase from Beil in the Bee Kingdom Hive for 40 Berries.
Pretty ribbon icon.png Pretty Ribbon

This pink ribbon is getting really popular! Who to give it to...

Purchase from Beil in the Bee Kingdom Hive for 50 Berries.
Flower key icon.png Flower Key

This is the key to the red house in the Ant City main plaza, bought from Beette at a discount!

Purchase from Beette in the Bee Kingdom Hive for 150 Berries.
Crystal berry icon.png Crystal Berry

A rare item sought by collectors around the world. Maybe someone will trade them for rare goodies somewhere!

Complete the quest In Search of Paint.
Bad book icon.png Bad Book

A really badly written book, why would anyone want this?

Found at the left side of Jaune's room.
A.d.b.p. enhancer icon.png A.D.B.P. Enhancer

A Medal by Prof. Honeycomb. Increases the amount of times some Beemerang skills can hit.

Obtained from Prof. Honeycomb after finding the Tardigrade Shield and the Heavenly Key.
Spy specs icon.png Spy Specs

A medal made by Dr. HB. Allows the party to see enemy HP without spying.

Complete three waves of Mini-Boss Rush or six waves of Boss Rush in B.O.S.S.
Detector icon.png Detector

A medal made by Dr. HB. Beeps if there are interesting objects nearby.

Complete three waves of Boss Rush or six waves of Mini-Boss Rush in B.O.S.S.



  • The Ancient Castle is not visible until the Ancient Castle is raised in unearthed during Chapter 4.
  • A figure can be seen going outside from the house.
  • The entrance of Giant's Lair is not visible from the Eliascope.