The Bee Kingdom Hive is one of the four Kingdom areas in the game, besides Ant Kingdom City, Wasp Kingdom Hive and Termite Capitol. It is the place the team travels to during Chapter 3.

Overview Edit

The hive is high up on the tree in Bugaria, so an elevator is used to carry visitors up to it. It is a circular area similar to Ant Mines, and consists of these parts:

Main PlazaEdit

A shop selling Pretty Ribbon and Bee Hat can be found, and Mothiva and Zasp can be found here after the game. The bee near the honey fountain can restore the team's TP.

Jaune's RoomEdit

Accessible after Chapter 3, it's where Vi's Request is assigned and finished. After finishing the quest, Jaune will allow the team to rest there for free. It has some painting tools next to its entrance.

Dr. H.B.'s LabEdit

Doctor H.B.'s lab is one of the areas the player visits during Chapter 3, when a cutscene about Dr. H.B. trying to examine Leif is played. The B.O.S.S. can be found and used here. It has a picture of H.B. at its entrance.

Professor Honeycomb's LabEdit

It's where Prof. Honeycomb can be found. After the team finds Hawk in the desert and brings a Chomper Seed to Prof. Honeycomb, she will bring the Chomper Seed into Chompy. The A.D.B.P. Enhancer Medal is also obtained here.

Residential AreaEdit

The 'balcony' of the hive. The doors leading to the rooms are not accessible, but the player can by a Flower Key here which can be used to unlock the locked house in Ant Kingdom City, and can use the 'Eliascope' here to have a view of Bugaria.

Honey Throne RoomEdit

It's where Queen Bianca can be found and talked to. After Chapter 3, the player can assign the Power Plant Investigation quest here.


  • Bee Hat - 30 Berries
  • Pretty Ribbon - 50 Berries
  • Flower Key - 150 Berries



  • The Ancient Castle is not visible until the place processes into that point.
  • A figure can be seen going outside from the house.
  • The entrance of Giant's Lair is not visible from the Eliascope.
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