Bee-Boop is a robotic enemy encountered in the Honey Factory.

In addition to being either flying or grounded, Bee-Boops have either a visor or a gun at their front. They'll switch their weapon each time they get hit, unless they're currently incapable of acting because of a status effect. If they have a visor at their front, they fly into the air and tackle one of the bugs to attack. If they have a gun, they'll fly closer to them and shoot them with 2-3 honey shots, numbing on a failed block.

The Bee-Boop sports cutting edge propulsion systems, allowing it to patrol multiple areas, even those without footing. The weaponry was an afterthought, but it gets the job done.

Ngh, this machine taunts me with its advanced flight systems! But I'll show it the power of natural strength!

The heck? Who put Blasters on the Bee-Boops? I'm gonna have to knock 'em outta the sky!

We thought Vi was tiny, but just look at that. When it's tumbled down, we'll shut it off for good.

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