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This article is about the group. For the enemy, see Bandit.

The bandits are a group of criminals living in their hideout, located in the Lost Sands. They use an upside-down crest of the Ant Kingdom as their symbol and are led by Astotheles, who the group's members are known to be very loyal to.



Not much is known about the bandits prior to their introduction in Chapter 4 other than that they were involved in numerous criminal activities.

In order to delay the collection of the Ancient Artifacts, the Wasp Kingdom ask the bandits to capture Team Snakemouth. The bandits eventually succeed after their leader sells the team the key to the Bandit Hideout, ambushing them there using the Earth Key as bait.

The bandits were promised payment from the wasps in exchange for capturing the team, however, they never received any.

At the end of their escape, Team Snakemouth defeats Astotheles in battle. Afterwards, Astotheles asks the team to defeat the wasps as revenge for their betrayal, giving away the Earth Key, and allowing the team to leave freely.