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The Bandit Hideout is an area in the Lost Sands. It is home to a group of bandits led by Astotheles.


The Bandit Hideout is a large underground complex. Its rooms stretch far enough to connect separate corners of the Lost Sands. Sunlight shines through various holes in the ceilings of rooms allowing many plants to grow inside.

An entrance to the hideout can be found in the bottom right most corner of the Lost Sands. This entrance is initially locked until Team Snakemouth uses the Rusty Key purchased from Astotheles during Chapter 4. On the team's first visit, the entrance leads to a short hall with no visible exits. At the end of the hall is a pedestal with the Earth Key on top of it. Upon approaching the pedestal, Team Snakemouth is ambushed by a group of bandits and thrown into a jail cell.

In the jail, Kabbu gains the Beetle Dig field skill, using it to escape the cell.

To the right of the main hall is a cafeteria. After Astoheles' defeat, the Bandit Cook appears here.

A back entrance connects to the bottom of Defiant Root's well. This entrance requires the use of the Beetle Dig field skill.

Icon Name and Description Location
Bandit hideout icon.png Discovery #32 Bandit Hideout

Astotheles leads the bandits on their numerous raids across the Lost Sands. They seem to be trying to become an independent nation, but their methods don't help their reputation. Although, they seem to already be a community that supports each other... Maybe they're already a nation?

Enter the Bandit Hideout.
Crystal berry icon.png Crystal Berry

A rare item sought by collectors around the world. Maybe someone will trade them for rare goodies somewhere!

  • Talk to Cerise found inside a dig spot inside the righthand jail cell.
  • Dig spot in the cafeteria.
Lore book icon.png Lore Book

A chunky book with the Ant Crest on its cover. Probably belongs in the Ant Palace's library.

Behind an open chest in the bottom left corner of the treasure room.
Orange horn icon.png Orange Horn

A broken, orange beetle horn. It is unusually sturdy, and radiates hubris.

On a table at the back end of the cafeteria. Only appears if Tanjerin has been talked to before.
Stolen silk icon.png Stolen Silk

This precious silk was stolen by bandits. We should find its rightful owner.

On a ledge in the right half of the large room downwards from the treasure room.
Bond berry icon.png Bond Berry

This rare berry somehow strengthens the bonds between bugs. Permanently increases the party's TP by 1.

On a table in the cafeteria.
Earth key icon.png Earth Key

One of the keys guarding the path to the last artifact. Symbolizes the earth.

Obtained from Astotheles after his defeat.

Enemy Formations

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