Bandits are crickets appearing in Lost Sands as an enemy. Their tackle attacks will steal one item from the party's inventory. You can get the item back by either defeating them or hitting them with a flipping attack before they run away. You can also prevent them from stealing items by equipping the Secure Wallet medal. Their other attack is to quickly throw a spike at a party member.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary These Cricket bandits spark fear amongst all caravans traveling through the harsh desert. They are ruthless and efficient, and they have no intent to negotiate. They change completely when amongst their brethren. They act like older siblings to the Dragonflies, and even enjoy gardening.
Vi "Eep! I-It's a bandit! I'm not gonna let him get near our bag. No way! Maybe I'll just let Kabbu take the hits while I throw my Beemerang at 'em.W-Wait... What if they steal my Beemerang? I hope I'm not worrying too much..."
Kabbu "Hmph, a Cricket bandit. It has been a long time since we encountered each other. Be ready, you rascal. My strength is far greater than you remember!"
Leif "So this is a bandit. Can't say we've seen one before. Times must have gotten rough. As long as we deal with them quickly, we have no need to worry over our possessions. Let's freeze it in its tracks."

Trivia Edit

  • There are Bandits in Paper Mario series, and behave in almost the same way as the cricket bandits.
  • In the demo, one bandit also appears at the entrance of Snakemouth Den, and can teleport the player back to Ant Kingdom at the cost of 2 berries. Another bandit appears in the 'Theater Help Wanted!' quest, with a thief. The latter is kept in the full game.
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