Astotheles is the leader of the Bandits, and serves as a mid-boss in Chapter 4. He leads the Bandits to attack Team Snakemouth. The team first gets captured by the Bandits while seeking for the Earth Key required to unlock the Sand Castle. When they find a way to escape they eventually faces him, who tells them the truth behind their capture, and fights them. After his defeat, however, he quickly changes his mind, admiring the team for them going against the Wasps that threaten them after an argument that occurred in the hideout, and gives the key to the team anyways despite still having the ability to fight with his army of bandits, showing that he has quite changeable mood and mind that is only seemingly based on his greed for resources. He does act like a fair and serious character by appearance, though

Appearance & Personalities Edit

Astotheles has only one arm, and wears a blue cloak. With a belt (Bandit's symbol on it). He's actually not evil, he aims to create a good home for bandits and fugitives. A diary can be found in his hideout.

Diary Edit

"Day XXX. An unprepared moth was spotted near the sandpits. He carried quite a few berries." "Although I truly pitied him, the funds will let us get through this month smoothly."

"Day YYZ. The flowers bloomed in our garden. Our hideout comes closer to becoming a home."

"Day ZZZ. I was shown mercy today. Mercy I have not shown others..." "I need to think. I've left the hideout in charge of my trusted advisor. But I'll return."

Battle Stats Edit

As a mini-boss, Astotheles has moderately high stats. The battle is unique because using an item during his battle will cause him to destroy it before the party member is able to use it. He has two attacks: the more common one is to stab a party member multiple times with his staff, the other is to swipe with his staff. On Hard Mode, he'll rarely follow up his swipe attack with the multi-stab. You can tell that he's about to use the multi-stab attack by a glint effect at his eye before the attack. He also has a defensive stance that is used after taking a non-flipping damage occasionally that increases his defense by 2 (3) until the next turn (similar to Numbnails), though it can be cancelled by a flipping attack.

Since items cannot be used in the battle, healing up before the battle and having a good command of medals and action commands are recommended. Since his most common attack is both direct and multi-hit, Spiky Bod is very effective against him, Taunt, Deep Taunt, and Favorite One, as well as some defensive Medals for Kabbu are recommended as well. Fortunately, he is not too hard to deal with in general.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary The leader of the Lost Sands' bandits, Astotheles lives by an ironic code of honor. He vanishes and appears without notice, his every mission dedicated to improve life in his hideout. It is said he wishes to establish his own country. But with the list of his crimes only increasing, this becomes unlikelier every day. But at the end of the day, the love and loyalty of his bandit family is enough for him.
Vi "You crook! What if I'd never found my Beemerang!? And what's with ruining my items? I don't care if you're the boss, you're gonna go down!"
Kabbu "What mastery of the blade, even with just one arm! It reminds me of Maki's strength. With lightning speed he crushes our items... We must make this a quick bout!"
Leif "Honor... What a joke of a request, coming from one who leads thieves. Break our items if you want. You're going to pay for imprisoning us all the same!"


Trivia Edit

  • Astotheles was announced during the v0.6 roundup, where his ability of disabling the item is shown.
  • Astotheles appears on the main menu along with a Burglar after Chapter 4 is complete.
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