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You naive Queen's lapbug. Between us, there can be no compromise. But you shall have an honorable fight! Do your worst!
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Astotheles is the leader of the bandits, and serves as a mid-boss in Chapter 4. He leads the Desert Bandits to attack Team Snakemouth. First met as a hooded stranger in Defiant Root's well during the team's search for the Earth Key required to reveal the Sand Castle, he sells them the key to the Bandit Hideout for 30 berries, luring them into an ambush. When the team manages to escape captivity they eventually confront Astotheles, who tells them the truth behind their capture before challenging them when he rejects attempts at diplomacy.

Following Astotheles' defeat, his diary can be found in the area of the hideout where he was encountered.

Spy Logs
Bestiary The leader of the Lost Sands' bandits, Astotheles lives by an ironic code of honor. He vanishes and appears without notice, his every mission dedicated to improve life in his hideout. It is said he wishes to establish his own country. But with the list of his crimes only increasing, this becomes unlikelier every day. But at the end of the day, the love and loyalty of his bandit family is enough for him.
Kabbu What mastery of the blade, even with just one arm! It reminds me of Maki's strength. With lightning speed he crushes our items... We must make this a quick bout!
Vi You crook! What if I'd never found my Beemerang!? And what's with ruining my items? I don't care if you're the boss, you're gonna go down!
Leif Honor... What a joke of a request, coming from one who leads thieves. Break our items if you want. You're going to pay for imprisoning us all the same!


Astotheles has only one arm, and wears a blue cloak that obscures his missing appendage. His belt bears the Bandit's symbol on it. He makes use of a wooden "sword" with a blue hilt in battle.


A marauder with a serious disposition, his thieving ways are done to create a good home for the bandits and fugitives who follow him. Astotheles is characterized primarily by his sense of honor, disparaging the wasps for their duplicity in their arrangement with the bandits for Team Snakemouth's capture and insisting upon a fair fight with his enemies. He willingly allows the group to leave the Hideout unmolested despite the arrival of his underlings and entrusts them with the Earth Key to repay them for sparing his life.

He demonstrates a curious animosity for Queen Elizant II (whom he refers to as the "Ant Witch") and any who serve her. This might explain why the Bandit insignia is represented as an upside-down variant of the Ant Kingdom's symbol.

Though unwilling to publicly admit it or show himself, he also attends the celebration after the defeat of the wasp king, hiding atop team snakemouth's house and asking them to keep his presence a secret, showing how he has developed a soft spot he wishes to celebrate their victory.


"Day XXX. An unprepared moth was spotted near the sandpits. He carried quite a few berries." "Although I truly pitied him, the funds will let us get through this month smoothly."

"Day YYZ. The flowers bloomed in our garden. Our hideout comes closer to becoming a home."

"Day ZZZ. I was shown mercy today. Mercy I have not shown others..." "I need to think. I've left the hideout in charge of my trusted advisor. But I'll return."

Battle Information

Astotheles will attack with a single strong strike or, if his eye flashes before attacking, multiple weaker strikes.

After taking enough damage, he will begin to attack twice every turn. He may also follow up his strong strike with multiple weak strikes in the same attack.

After being damaged, he has a chance to put his guard up, raising his defense by 1. Being hit by a flipping move will cancel this guard.

Items cannot be used while fighting Astotheles, even if he is frozen or asleep, and attempts at using them will result in wasted turns. However, Vi's Secret Stash is unaffected.


  • Astotheles was announced during the v0.6 roundup, where his ability of disabling the item is shown.
  • Astotheles appears on the main menu along with a Burglar after Chapter 4 is complete.
  • He is similar to Moustafa from Paper Mario 64 in that they are both disguised honorable thieves from a desert town and give the main characters an item needed to raise a desert temple from the sand.
  • Astotheles lost an arm protecting the Bandit Hideout from the Dune Scorpion's attack[1].
  • Astotheles' animosity towards Queen Elizant II stems from her rejecting his bandits' many attempts to establish the Bandit Hideout as their own independent city[2].


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