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Arrow Worms are enemies that appear in the Lost Sands. They will burrow underground, lunging at the party if they get too close.

In battle, Arrow Worms will remain underground and must be unearthed with moves such as Leif's basic attack. Before attacking, an unearthed Arrow Worm will immediately burrow underground.

Spy Logs
Bestiary The Arrow Worm is the most hated pest of the Lost Sands, annoying villagers and bandits alike. Its sharp teeth can cut through many strong materials, leaving many homes with more windows than they need. Explorer efforts have been made to lower their numbers, with moderate success.
Kabbu If I remember correctly, this local beast always stays beneath the sand waiting to devour prey. Its teeth are so sharp that they can bite through stone! Leif, we will need your assistance!
Vi That's an Arrow Worm, right? It's buried all the time, so I can't be super sure...Oi Leif! Get it out of the ground or we're gonna have to book it out of here!
Leif Our enemy is rustling sand? ...Just kidding. It seems to be a buried sand-dwelling worm of some kind. Our ice magic should take care of it before it can bite us!

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