The Anthill Palace, or the Ant Palace for short, is the primary governmental building within the Ant Kingdom. It is located in the center of Ant Kingdom City and is the home of Queen Elizant II.

Subareas[edit | edit source]

Main Hall[edit | edit source]

The main hall connects to many other rooms in the palace, and the entrance to the Ant Mines. The Ant Lieutenant can be found stationed here, as well as Ant Guards who deny visitors entry into certain rooms.

Throne Room[edit | edit source]

Queen Elizant II is almost always in her throne room. Zaryant, her personal guard, is beside her at all times. Professor Neolith, after his rescue, also stays in this room. There are stained-glass windows depicting Bugaria's royalty.

Palace Library[edit | edit source]

The library is run by Libren and Brooke. Libren gives the team rewards for every 5 Discoveries they make. Brooke accepts the Lore Books for the Lost Books quest. Reeves will accept Bad Books for the Awful's Beauty quest.

War Room[edit | edit source]

In this room, strategy and missions are discussed, although this is never seen happening in the game. Rebecca stays in this room, and also Vanessa, after she is rescued in Chapter 5. Vanessa moves back to the Wasp Kingdom Hive in the post-game.

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