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The Anthill Palace is the primary governmental building within the Ant Kingdom. It is located in the center of Ant Kingdom City and is the home of Queen Elizant II.


Main Hall

The main hall connects to many other rooms in the palace, and the entrance to the Ant Mines. The Ant Lieutenant can be found stationed here, as well as Ant Guards who deny visitors entry into certain rooms.

Throne Room

Queen Elizant II is almost always in her throne room. Zaryant, her personal guard, is beside her at all times. Professor Neolith, after his rescue, also stays in this room. There are stained-glass windows depicting Bugaria's royalty.

Palace Library

The library is run by Libren and Brooke. Libren gives the team rewards for every 5 Discoveries they make. Brooke accepts the Lore Books for the Lost Books quest. Reeves will accept Bad Books for the Awful's Beauty quest.

War Room

In this room, strategy and missions are discussed, although this is never seen happening in the game. Rebecca stays in this room, and also Vanessa, after she is rescued in Chapter 5. Vanessa moves back to the Wasp Kingdom Hive in the post-game.

Ant Mines

Main article: Ant Mines

The Ant Mines are a network of tunnels interconnecting many of the areas in Bugaria. Initially, no tunnels have been dug, but they begin to open after progressing through a chapter, reaching certain requirements, or paying Diana an amount of berries to open the path from the other side.

Icon Name and Description Location
The ants icon.png Discovery #7 The Ants

The current ruler of the Ant Kingdom, Queen Elizant II. The ants were one of the first to settle in the location that would become Bugaria, and as such their kingdom is one of the most powerful. Controlling most of the economy and territories of south Bugaria, the current Queen closed relationships with Termites and wasps without any given explanation, something that tarnished her mother's peaceful legacy. She also banned ladybugs from living in the capital after a huge scandal. This coupled with her strictness has caused many to dislike her, and some say an underground meeting point to discuss her has been created.

In the throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Ant Queen.
The bees icon.png Discovery #8 The Bees

The current ruler of the Bee Kingdom, Queen Bianca. The bees settled in Bugaria shortly after the ants did, building their Hive at the tallest spot of the land, watching over the world from above. One of the youngest queens, Bianca has ruled the Bee Kingdom for a short time, but her focus on technological advancement and views towards art led her to become one of the most popular rulers of the kingdom's history. Because of her civil disposition, her and Elizant II stand on very friendly terms. She often advises her when her opinion is asked.

In the throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Bee Queen.
The termites icon.png Discovery #9 The Termites

The royal couple who currently rule the Termite Kingdom, King Hector IV and Queen Layra II. The Termites are an isolationist society that values military strength above all else. Their Kingdom being encased in a giant, closed-off dome only adds to their secludedness. The relationship between the Termites and Ants was always rocky, but Elizant I managed to maintain contact with them and establish various trading routes and markets between their Kingdoms. Elizant II failed to maintain this relationship due to her inexperience, causing the Termites to shun the Ants once more and banning them from the Capitol.

In the throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Termite King and Queen. Available after Chapter 5.
The wasps icon.png Discovery #10 The Wasps

The usurped ruler of the Wasp Kingdom, Queen Vanessa. The Wasps were always aggressive isolationists, commandeering the northern borders of Bugaria for themselves and battling for control with the Bee Kingdom in a war that lasted many moons. The Wasps finally settled down when Elizant I intervened and managed to form a truce with them. However, Elizant II's inexperience made the bad blood between Ants and Wasps resurface. Vanessa has ruled with attempts to tame her kind so they may live peacefully with the other citizens of Bugaria, which made her the most controversial Wasp Queen to date. Even so, her efforts were going well before the Wasp King somehow seized power.

In the throne room, examine the stained glass window of the Wasp Queen. Available after Chapter 5.
Queen elizant i icon.png Discovery #11 Queen Elizant I

Elizant I was the first of the Queens to settle in the land that would eventually become Bugaria. Known for her strong will, she attracted bugs from all over the lands beyond Bugaria's borders to come here. Not much is known about her past, besides the fact she came from a very far away to build her kingdom, and the feat of having convinced Wasps and Termites to have a truce was something no one had ever seen before. She always wore a mask, concealing her face. Some rumoured she had battle scars from convincing other bugkinds to become part of the kingdom, or that she just didn't liked having her visage seen by others. This became tradition, and now Elizant II wears a mask as well.

Observe the painting of Queen Elizant I in the Anthill Palace Library.
Ant compass icon.png Ant Compass

This compass always points towards the Ant Kingdom. Use it to quickly find your way back.

After Chapter 5, talk to an ant standing next to the entrance of the Ant Mines.
Lore book icon.png Lore Book

A chunky book with the Ant Crest on its cover. Probably belongs in the Ant Palace's library.

Behind the far-right bookcase in the library
Victory buzz icon.png Victory Buzz

After a successful battle, the party will recover 4 TP.

Obtained from Libren after finding 25 discoveries.
Heart berry icon.png Heart Berry

This rare berry brings good health when eaten. Permanently increases an ally's HP by 1.

Obtained from Rebecca after completing her quest, Loose Ends.
Crystal berry icon.png Crystal Berry

A rare item sought by collectors around the world. Maybe someone will trade them for rare goodies somewhere!