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The Ant Mines are a network of tunnels interconnecting many of the areas in Bugaria. The main hub is located underneath the Anthill Palace and is accessible from there. Many of the Ancient Crystals are mined here for use elsewhere in Bugaria.


The Ant Mines are a new project started by Queen Elizant II to better connect Bugaria. The tunnels serve as shortcuts to various locations within Bugaria. Initially, there are no tunnels. However, more begin to open after progressing through a chapter, reaching certain requirements, or paying Diana an amount of berries to open the path from the other side.

Currently, the Ant Mines are reserved for explores. However, it is stated they may open up to the public in the future.

Fast Travel Locations

Location Requirements
Golden Settlement Complete Chapter 2 OR pay Diana 15 berries.
Defiant Root Complete Chapter 3 OR pay Diana 25 berries.
Far Grasslands Complete Chapter 5 OR pay Diana 50 berries.
Rubber Prison Defeat ULTIMAX Tank.
Forsaken Lands Defeat Zasp and Mothiva in the colosseum.
Metal Island Pay for the trip to Metal Island OR win the Spy Cards tournament OR pay Diana 100 berries.


  • The Ant Mines were revealed in the v0.2 roundup, where it has the same layout but with different icons for each area. It is inaccessible in the v0.4 playable demo.