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The Ant Kingdom City, also referred to as Ant City, is one of the four Kingdom capital areas in the game, alongside Bee Kingdom Hive, Wasp Kingdom Hive and Termite Capitol. It is the home for many different species, mainly Ants, and the home of Team Snakemouth.


The Ant Kingdom City is the capital of the Ant Kingdom. The Anthill Palace lies in its center, surrounded by a large constructed wall. The city itself is split into three distinct sections, being the Main Plaza, the Residential District, and the Commercial District. The three districts surround the Anthill Palace and connect in a loop.





The Main Plaza

The Main Plaza has a southern exit which leads directly to the city limits where the Explorers' Association is located. It also connects to the only known entrance through the Anthill Palace's walls. The western and eastern exits lead to the Commercial and Residential districts respectively. In the center of the plaza is the Settler's Statue. The statue depicts an Ant that had lost its way while Queen Elizant I and her people were searching for a place to found the Ant Kingdom. After the ant was found, the same location was chosen for the settlement. Also in the Main Plaza is the Bugaria Theater where M.M., Chubee, and Fuzzo can be found inside, a red house that can be opened with the Flower Key, the Ant City's Inn run by the Ant City Innkeeper, and a quest board run by Utter. Additionally, Janet, Tod, Ann, and Samira, can all be found wandering the plaza. A soldier stands guard at the entrance to the palace grounds.

The Commercial District

The Commercial District contains several shops, including Madame Butterfly's item shop, Merab's medal shop, and Fry's cooking shop. An entrance to the Underground Tavern can be found behind some bushes next to Madame Butterfly's shop. Initially, there is an under-construction plot of land. After the team takes Queen Elizant II to Bugaria Pier using the submarine, this plot is replaced with the Termacade. Additionally, Oma, the Unnamed Gourmet, the Seedling Slayer, and Amber of the Ant Storage Service can be found here.

The Residential District

The Residential District houses the homes of several non-ant Ant Kingdom residents. It also contains the Bank of Bugaria. According to Leif, in the past, it used to be a recreational area, and was mostly empty except for the fountain. The homes of Muze and Muze's Father, Ali, Mun and Eophi, and Alex can be found here. Bomby can also be found in this area.

Icon Name and Description Location
Honey drop icon.png Honey Drop

Honey produced in the Bee Kingdom. Makes you happy but also fat. Restores 5 TP.

Sleep at the Ant Kingdom Inn.
Inn foremothers icon.png Discovery #5 Inn Foremothers

These ants were the very first staff of the Ant Kingdom inn. They smile upon the current generation everyday!
Back then the town was mostly ants, so the inn served as housing for important political guests.''

Observe the painting on the first floor of the Ant Kingdom's Inn.
The settler statue icon.png Discovery #6 The Settler Statue

This ant's clumsiness led to the discovery of the land that would become the Ant Kingdom.
It also serves as a testament to the late Queen's humbleness, and her care for the people.''

Observe the ant statue in the Ant Kingdom's main plaza.
The anthill palace icon.png Discovery #12 The Anthill Palace

''A testament to the Ants' hard work and diligence, the castle stands at the center of the Ant Kingdom.
It was later discovered to have been built over an Ancient Crystal reserve, which kickstarted construction of the Ant Mines.
Although some say Elizant knew of this all along...

In the area immediately outside of the Anthill Palace, talk to the bug at the front end of the bridge.
Charge up icon.png Charge Up

Grants Leif the Charge Up skill, which increases an ally's attack by 1 until their next attack. Stacks 3 times.

On the inn's roof. Use a spring shroom inside the red house unlocked with the Flower Key to access.
Bug me not! icon.png Bug Me Not!

Defeats any weak enemies on the field upon touching them!

Atop Alex's roof in the residential district.
Bad book icon.png Bad Book

A really badly written book, why would anyone want this?

On Muze's roof. Accessed with a spring shroom behind bushses on the left side of the house.
Lore book icon.png Lore Book

A chunky book with the Ant Crest on its cover. Probably belongs in the Ant Palace's library.

Crystal berry icon.png Crystal Berry

A rare item sought by collectors around the world. Maybe someone will trade them for rare goodies somewhere!

  • Inside a dig spot next to the gate in the Main Plaza
  • Released from the musical cylinder inside the Bugaria Theater after it is spun continuously by Kabbu's horn.
Platinum card icon.png Platinum Card

Card showing you're a platinum member of the Bank of Bugaria, increases rate of interest.

Store 500 Berries at once in the Bank of Bugaria.
Merab's Shop
Icon Name and Description Cost and Condition
Hard hits icon.png Hard Hits

Raises enemy attack, but doubles berry reward. Perfect for an extra challenge!

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 2
Hp plus icon.png HP Plus

Increases an ally's HP by 2.

Gui 29.png‍ 45
Chapter 2
Tp plus icon.png TP Plus

Increases the party's TP by 3.

Gui 29.png‍ 55
Chapter 2
Sleep resistance icon.png Sleep Resistance

Decreases an ally's chances of falling asleep by 50%.

Gui 29.png‍ 30

  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 5
Poison resistance icon.png Poison Resistance

Decreases an ally's chances of being poisoned by 50%.

Gui 29.png‍ 35
Chapter 2
Numb resistance icon.png Numb Resistance

Decreases an ally's chances of being numbed by 50%.

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 3
Poison needles icon.png Poison Needles

Grants poisoning power to Vi's needle skills.

Gui 29.png‍ 65
Chapter 3
Secure pouch icon.png Secure Pouch

A medal made by Prof. Honeycomb. Makes enemies unable to steal items.

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 3
Freeze resistance icon.png Freeze Resistance

Decreases an ally's chances of being frozen by 50%.

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 4
Heal plus icon.png Heal Plus

Healing items used by the equipped bug will heal 1 more HP.

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 4
Meditation icon.png Meditation

The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command recovers 1 TP as well.

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 4
Status relay icon.png Status Relay

When relaying, the equipped ally will transfer ALL statuses and charges to the relayed ally.

Gui 29.png‍ 50
Chapter 5
Prayer icon.png Prayer

The equipped ally's "Do Nothing" command recovers 2 HP as well.

Gui 29.png‍ 30
Chapter 6
Sleepy needles icon.png Sleepy Needles

Grants sleepy power to Vi's needle skills.

Gui 29.png‍ 60
Chapter 6
Madame Butterfly's Shop
Icon Name and Description Cost and Condition
Crunchy leaf icon.png Crunchy Leaf

A dry leaf. Has a satisfying crunch when bit. Restores 4 HP to one party member.

Gui 29.png‍ 4
No condition.
Honey drop icon.png Honey Drop

Honey produced in the Bee Kingdom. Makes you happy, but also fat. Restores 5 TP.

Gui 29.png‍ 4
No condition.
Aphid egg icon.png Aphid Egg

An egg from a happily raised Aphid. Make sure to eat it before it hatches. Restores 3 HP to an ally.

Gui 29.png‍ 2
No condition.
Mushroom icon.png Mushroom

A mushroom. BEYOND average. Restores 3 HP to a party member and cures poison.

Gui 29.png‍ 3
No condition.
Danger shroom icon.png Danger Shroom

This mushroom is really dangerous. Unfortunately, it's super delicious. Restores 1 TP. At a price.

Gui 29.png‍ 3
No condition.

Enemy Formations

Main Article: Enemy Formations

Help Dialogue


Main Plaza Kabbu: Ah, the Ant Kingdom's main plaza. It greets both tourists and citizens alike.
It is the bridge between the commercial area, the castle, and the residential area.
To top it off, it has many historical points such as the Inn, the Theatre, and the founder statue.
Leif: Kabbu, you should look into the tour guide business.
Main Plaza (With Eetl) Kabbu: Ah, the Ant Kingdom's main pla-
Eetl: We mustn't keep the Queen waiting.
Kabbu: ...
Residential District Leif: There's a lot of houses here now.
Kabbu: Is that so? How was it back then?
Leif: It was only the fountain. This was more of a social spot...
Vi: Huh. They turned a park into housing?
Leif: As more people came in, it was inevitable. But we do miss the park...
Commercial District Vi: This is the commercial area, the best area of them all!
There's a Medal Shop, a Chef...
And Madame Butterfly's store! No other store can compare!
Leif: Commerce excites you too much, Vi.
Vi: Heheh. And there's THAT place for even more business!
Kabbu: Hopefully we can do most of our business out in the open...
Main Plaza (Wasp Attack) Vi: Everything is...
Kabbu: Come, Vi! We must press on!


  • This area used the outskirts theme in the demo.