The Ant Kingdom City is a city in the heart of the Ant Kingdom, surrounding the Anthill Palace, which is visible from all corners of the city. The city is filled with shops and facilities, bugs of many kinds visit it.

It is currently divided in 3 areas: the Main Plaza, the Commercial Area and the Residential Area.

It connects to Bugaria Outskirts via the south entrance, where the Explorers' Association is located.

Facilities in the City[edit | edit source]

Main Plaza

  • Bugaria Theater
  • Ant Kingdom inn (9 Berries)
  • A locked house (Unlockable with Flower Key, with a free bed, a pet bed for Chompy and a Charge Up Medal)
  • Samira, moth girl near the Theater who can play any song the Team has discovered.

Commercial Area

Residential Area

Notable NPCs in the Area[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This area used to use the outskirts theme in the demo.
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