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The Ant Kingdom is one of the four major factions in Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling. It is ruled by Queen Elizant II during the events of the story. It encompasses the Ant Kingdom City and all of Bugaria Outskirts including Snakemouth Den and Bugaria Pier. The Ant Kingdom is also responsible for overseeing and guarding Rubber Prison and the entrance to Giant's Lair.

The Ant Kingdom is close allies with the Bee Kingdom.



The Ant Kingdom started when Queen Elizant I led a group of ants in search of a place to settle. The initially arrived in the Forsaken Lands and founded the Ancient City but abandoned it at some point afterwards.

After an unspecified amount of time, the Ants eventually settled in Bugaria Outskirts, finding the location after searching for a lone, unnamed Ant that had gotten lost.

The reign of the first queen was noted as being very prosperous, establishing peaceful diplomatic relationships with the Bee Kingdom, as well as the normally isolationist Termite and Wasp Kingdoms.

Queen Elizant I had her people search for the The Everlasting Sapling for an unspecified reason, but was unable to find it before the end of her rule.

After the first queen's apparent death, Queen Elizant II was crowned the new ruler. Her debut speech "radiated power over kindness, leaving many uneasy."

The second queen was inexperienced in diplomatic affairs and was unable to maintain peaceful relationships with the Termite and Wasp Kingdoms. Although Queen Vanessa II, ruler of the latter, attempted to restart peace between the two nations, her efforts were eventually ended after the Wasp King took control.

At an unknown point in time, Queen Elizant II banned ladybugs from the kingdom in response to discovering a band of seventeen ladybugs that had been stealing aphid eggs from farmers. Ladybugs now require special permits to live in the kingdom.

Like the queen before her, Queen Elizant II was also searching for the Everlasting Sapling. She built the Explorers' Association and promised large rewards in the hopes of enticing explorers to aid in her search for the sapling. Until the events of the story, she was also largely unsuccessful in locating any of the Ancient Artifacts necessary for locating the sapling.