The Ant Bank in the Residential Disctrict of the Ant Kingdom.


The Ant Bank is located in the Ant Kingdom. You can find the Ant Bank in the right, top corner of the Ant Residential District.

Using The Ant BankEdit

You can start using the Ant Bank after beating Chapter 1. You can deposit berries, withdraw berries, or simply check your balance. You will also accrue a small amount of interest every half hour on your current balance. This interest is approximately 3% per half hour spent in game.

After you have deposited 500 berries into your account, you are rewarded with the Platinum Card and platinum membership with the bank, granting you double the interest rate (so approximately 6% per half hour).

Note that the interest is based on the in-game timer, and that the in-game timer does not count up while the game is alt-tabbed or minimized.

The maximum amount of berries that the bank can hold is 10,000. If you try to deposit more berries than this, the teller will say you have reached your limit.


  • When examining the banker, Vi will note that she believes they'll run off with the money to a hot spring, referencing Millibelle, the banker from Hollow Knight. [1]
  1. "Hmph. What if after we put in a huge deposit they just steal our money and run to a hot spring or something?
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