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The Ancient City is located in the Forsaken Lands. Right outside there are some tanks with the Ant Kingdom symbols, as well as Mothfly enemies. (Such as Mothlfies and Mothfly Clusters.) These Ant Kingdom tanks were left by Queen Elizant I during her search for a place to build the Ant Kingdom.

The Queen built this small (temporary) town in the forsaken lands. While looking for a spot to build the Ant Kingdom on, Elizant I and her people traveled through the Forsaken Lands. The abandoned campsite was taken over by Mothflies, but its crazy ruler was dispersed by a team of explorers.

Inside the town are broken buildings with no ceilings, an Inn with a bed, flags with the Ant Kingdom symbol, and a fountain with no water running. The Strange Bugs that live here seem to speak an entirely different language unlike the Roaches' Language or Bugnish. The bugs roam the city with their odd masks on, their Leader, the False Monarch, lives in the big tent at the back of the town. The False Monarch is their Ruler, he suddenly attacks the Team after they enter his tent. Defeating him will cause all the Mothflies inside him, and the other masked bugs to fly away and leave their masks behind.

The Mothflies that were in costumes, and how they had their own town, including a leader. they were perhaps trying to reach their own "Day of Awakening". They are considered Lesser Bugs, and yet if they make their own speech patterns and achieve sentience, though this phenomenon only occurs when large amounts of Mothflies come together. It is possible that this event may never happen again, at least for a long time. One reason for this strange Mothfly behavior could be that they become more intelligent when in huge groups, then they eventually learn to speak and then become sentient.

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  • When Team Snakemouth talks to the Mothflies in costumes, some speak aggressively, (With a "!" at the end of their sentence,) and some speak in confusion (With a "?" at the end of their sentence)

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A building of some sort with a Mothfly Mask on a stump

Ant Kingdom Scrap

A scrap found in the Forsaken Lands, it has the Ant Symbol on it

Big Tent Emptied

The inside of the tent at the far back of the city, where Elizant I and The False Monarch used to reside

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