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The Ancient City contains the remains of a temporary settlement used by Queen Elizant I and her people before founding the Ant Kingdom. It was eventually abandoned as they searched for a location to create a permanent settlement.

Immediately outside the city are a number of tanks adorned with the crest of the Ant Kingdom. They were used by the Ant Queen during her search. Due to their damaged state, they had to be left behind.

Initially, when Team Snakemouth first arrives, the city is inhabited by hooded and masked bugs that speak an undecipherable language. After defeating the False Monarch, the other inhabitants flee, leaving their masks behind. The False Monarch's nature implies that these citizens were also Mothflies in disguise.

A Venus' Bud can be found inside a dilapidated building with an inn sign at its front.

Icon Name and Description Location
Ancient city icon.png Discovery #40 Ancient City

While looking for a spot to build the Ant Kingdom on, Elizant I and her people traveled through the Forsaken Lands.
The abandoned campsite was taken over by Mothflies, but its crazy ruler was dispersed by a team of explorers.

Defeat the False Monarch
Lore book icon.png Lore Book

A chunky book with the Ant Crest on its cover. Probably belongs in the Ant Palace's library.

On the right half of the Ancient City, in a dig spot behind a fallen pillar.
Magic seed icon.png Magic Seed

A seed which can bring upon miracles. Revives an ally with 7 HP.

On the left half of the Ancient City, in a bush on a ledge next to the fountain.
Crystal crown icon.png Crystal Crown

A mysterious crystal shaped like a crown. Dropped by the False Monarch.

Obtained after defeating the False Monarch


Help Dialogue


Outside (Before False Monarch) Kabbu: This place has seen much better days.
Vi: Why'd all these bugs wanna live here?
Leif: Their choice of home is not the only strange thing about them...
Kabbu: They do give off a peculiar feeling... Let's be on guard.
Outside (After False Monarch) Leif: Everyone's gone...
Vi: Was everyone a bunch of Mothflies in hoods too?
Kabbu: A mystery... Just what in blazes was going on here...?
Tent (Before False Monarch) Kabbu: ...! T-Team, I feel a great threat. Be on guard!
Tent (After False Monarch) Vi: What was UP with that thing!?
Kabbu: I struggle to comprehend how a mass of flies could behave that way...
Leif: This tent was here before them, right?
We wonder if... Elizant stayed here at some point.
Vi: This ain't fancy enough for a queen, right?
Leif: If they were traveling, there'd be no place for too much luxury.
Kabbu: Sadly, there's no real way to be sure. But it's fun to speculate.
Leif: Yeah.
Venus' Bud (Before False Monarch) Venus: This settlement was used by the very first Ant Queen when she first arrived in these lands.
...But now it's full of these weird mask-wearing bugs. What's their deal?
Venus' Bud (After False Monarch) Venus: Huh, the weird bugs all left. I supposed you had something to do with that, right?