The Ancient Artifacts are items rumored to be clues to find the Everlasting Sapling. Those are objects the party tries to find through the game.

List of Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Ancient Mask[edit | edit source]


The Ancient Mask is found at Snakemouth Den, protected by Spider. It is obtained in Chapter 1.

Picking it up triggers a trap which floods the caverns. The mask seems to have 3 eye sockets on one side, and some lenses made of crystals on the other side.

During Chapter 7, The Ancient Mask is used by the Wasp King to summon the other Artifacts to unlock the Everlasting Sapling, and during the Final Battle with The Everlasting King.

Ancient Tablet[edit | edit source]

Artifacts 1.png

The Ancient Tablet is found at the Golden Hills, guarded by Venus. It's obtained in Chapter 2.

Before the event of the game, Venus was asked by a Roach to protect the Ancient Tablet. After Team Snakemouth makes through her trial, she handles it to the team. It appears to be a piece of rock or wood with ancient languages written on it.

During Chapter 7, the Ancient Tablet is used to disable the shield that protects the sapling. It is also used to generate bubble shields, and always takes 3 hits to knock away.

Ancient Key Pieces[edit | edit source]

Artifacts 2.png
Ancient key (second half) icon.png

The first piece is found in the Honey Factory in Chapter 3, as the core of the factory. It is guarded by Heavy Drone B-33. The second piece is found in the Ancient Castle in Chapter 4, guarded by The Watcher.

Both Key pieces can fire laser beams at their targets, or assemble together as a lightsaber to slash at their opponents for very high damage.They are used to unlock the shell containing the Everlasting Sapling.

Ancient Crown[edit | edit source]

Artifacts 6.png

While not directly related to the main story, according to a Roach in the Giant's Lair, this crown also holds ancient power same as other ancient artifacts, and is stolen by the Wasp King. It is said that it amplifies any existing magic within the wearer. The Roach guard says that they tossed it out. If you buy all the Trinkets from the merchant in Metal Island, he will tell you he fished up a crown of some sort, and that a boy was freaking out over it so he gave it to him, that crown was the Ancient Crown that the Roaches tossed, and the boy who wanted it was Hoaxe.

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