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Ahoneynation is a mid-boss in Chapter 3 in Honey Factory. It's encountered in the Honey Factory Storage, ambushing the team after trapping Team Mothiva. After it is defeated, Zasp will give the team a Factory Pass needed to open a door in the Honey Factory's Storage.

Spy Logs
Bestiary The worst case scenario, the most uncontainable disaster of poor honey mixing! This rare sighting, capable of punching through steel, was contained by a brave group of explorers.
Kabbu By the sweet horns of legend! This honey's gone too far! It's supported by smaller Abomihoneys, which is quite troublesome... We must use our TP wisely to minimize the damage they can cause, Leif!
Vi The factory shuts down for a few minutes, and THIS happens? Yikes... Talk about escalating quickly. We've gotta get rid of it, but we can't ignore the Abomihoneys, either!
Leif Now that's a dessert if we've ever seen one. With little Abomihoneys on the side. This could get out of hand quickly... We'd best make use of our magic.

Battle Information

The Ahoneynation can sprout a large, muscular arm to attack the party.

Ahoneynation's honey spit attack has a chance to summon an Abomihoney if blocked and there are less than two already present. These Abomihoneys have 3 HP, 2 ATK, -1 DEF, and can merge with Ahoneynation, healing its current health to the boss. The chance of summoning an Abomihoney is higher on Hard Mode.

Ahoneynation has a chance to gain a 2x charge instead of attacking that turn, also gaining Defense Up for 1 turn on Hard Mode. After charging, Ahoneynation will always perform its Charged Slam attack on the next turn, damaging every team member.

The Abombination item will heal Ahoneynation for 10 HP instead of damaging it.


  • Attacks with piercing are unaffected by the summoned Abomihoney's -1 defense.
  • Ahoneynation was first announced in the 2018 roundup.
  • Ahoneynation is one of few (if not the only) bosses that have no changes to its HP or DEF regardless of the difficulty.
  • Ahoneynation is one of the mid-bosses featured in the Abomi Nation crossover with Bug Fables. An exclusive Frozen Ahoneynation variant of Ahoneynation also makes a debut appearance in said game.

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