Ahoneynation is a mid-boss in Chapter 3 in Honey Factory, being a boss version of Abomihoney. It's encountered in the Honey Factory Storage, ambushing the team after trapping Team Mothiva. After it is defeated, Zasp will give the team a Factory Pass needed to open a door in the Honey Storage.

It's most noticeable ability is it's honey spit attack - Ahoneynation will spit 1-2 globs of honey at the party, targeting a random bug each time, numbing on a failed block. But in addition to that, the honey glob has a chance of turning into an Abomihoney if you block it. This Abomihoney will have 3 HP, deal 2 damage per hit and take +1 damage from most sources. It can also merge with the Ahoneynation, healing it for 3 HP. The chance of a honey glob turning into an Abomihoney is higher on Hard Mode.

In addition to the honey spit, Ahoneynation can punch a single bug for high damage or take a turn to charge up, gaining Charge x2 and, on Hard Mode, defense up in process, before jumping and slamming into the party on the next turn, dealing a lot of damage to everyone.

Keep the punch's high damage in mind - it can KO a bug you though was safe otherwise. If it summons any Abomihoneys, use Leif's Icefall - it will take out the Abomihoneys in a single hit, and might even Freeze the boss. If it charges it's slam, you should use Bubble Shield, unless you're sure you can take out Ahoneynation's remaining HP quickly.

Spy Logs Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary The worst case scenario, the most uncontainable disaster of poor honey mixing! This rare sighting, capable of punching through steel, was contained by a brave group of explorers.
Vi "The factory shuts down for a few minutes, and THIS happens? Yikes... Talk about escalating quickly. We've gotta get rid of it, but we can't ignore the Abomihoneys, either!"
Kabbu "By the sweet horns of legend! This honey's gone too far! It's supported by smaller Abomihoneys, which is quite troublesome... We must use our TP wisely to minimize the damage they can cause, Leif!"
Leif "Now that's a dessert if we've ever seen one. With little Abomihoneys on the side. This could get out of hand quickly... We'd best make use of our magic."

Trivia Edit

  • Ahoneynation was first announced in 2018 roundup.
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