Acornlings are Seedlings that have developed hard shells to protect themselves against the predators of Golden Hills.

They attack by rolling at a party member, or by jumping into them. In Hard Mode, it is possible that sometimes Acornlings will fake a roll before cancelling it halfway and doing a jump. There is a tell - if it jumps twice before rolling, then it will do a fake out.

To protect themselves from the many predators in the Golden Hills, these Seedlings gave up their ability to fly for a hard outer shell. This doesn't stop Acornlings from being attacked, but their survival rates have gone up massively.

What a sturdy little creature! Its appearance truly betrays its resilience! But alas... it will be no match for my horn!

Seriously? A seedling with a hat!? My Beemerang can't pierce through... Kabbu's gonna have to flip it!

Honestly... Seedlings are way cuter. And less annoying to deal with, too. Let's team up with Kabbu and freeze it while it's flipped!

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