Acornilings are Seedlings who developed hard shells to protect themselves against the predators of Golden Hills. As such, they have increased defense.

They attack by rolling at a party member, or by jumping into them. In Hard Mode, it is possible that sometimes acornlings will fake a roll before cancelling it halfway and doing a jump.

The player can use Kabbu's horn to flip them over, which reduces their defense to 0, similar to Inichas.

Tattle Log Edit

  • 'To protect themselves from the many predators in the Golden Hills, these Seedlings gave up their ability to fly for a hard outer shell.' This doesn't stop Acornlings from being attacked, but their survival rates have gone up massively.'
  • 'Seriously? A seedling with a hat!? My Beemerang can't pierce through... Beetle's gonna have to flip it!' (Bee's Spy)
  • 'What a sturdy little creature! Its appearance truly betrays its resilience! But alas... it will be no match for my horn!' (Beetle's Spy)
  • 'Honestly... Seedlings are way cuter. And less annoying to deal with, too. Let's team up with Beetle and freeze it while it's flipped!' (Moth's Spy)