Abomihoneys are enemies announced in the official Twitter update[1]. When they hit by any attack that doesn't prevent them from acting, they'll hide in the ground until their next turn, causing most attacks to miss. However, Leif is capable of bringing them out with his ice magic. In battle, they can bite for high damage. On Hard Mode Only, they can turn into a bomb, raising their defense by 1 as well. If they do that, they will blow up on their next turn, dealing 10 damage to the entire party. If an Abomihoney turns into a bomb, either take them out immediately or use Leif's Bubble Shield.

They can also be summoned by Ahoneynation.

Spy Log Edit

Spier Description
Bestiary Under certain conditions not yet understood, the indiscriminate mixing of large amounts of honey can give birth to this beast.It lives only to devour before it is consumed.
Vi "Argh! The Abomihoney! They mixed too much honey! We're in big trouble! We've got to take it down, or freeze it before it explodes!"
Kabbu "Goodness gracious, this is an affront to nature! It looks highly unstable...Leif, bring it out when it goes under. We must take it out with haste!"
Leif "What a waste of honey... To think of all the meals this could've been. If it pulls anything funny, we'll use our ice magic to deal with it. Let's end this."

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